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Last update was a full year ago. I wanted to add the write-up of the year's anime con last July, only the dear old neighbours, having sniffed out that there is life in the jungle next to their prim little patch (and organized a three-day peek-through-the-fence session when I hired help to do something about said jungle, resulting in the dismissal of the help and the decision to let the jungle grow on), sent me a letter helpfully offering me to arrange my garden to their satisfaction, with veiled threats of legal action if I didn't comply. If it wasn't obvious from the Old Photos 2 page, I have not enjoyed my life in the Netherlands, least of all in the creepy village where, for lack of health and funds to escape, I'm presently rotting away; and the pile of pages I sent them back detailing the shit they've given me and how much I want them to rot in hell, involved more typing than any website update lately, and swallowed up all energy I had to spend last summer. As health has decreased still more (I didn't know that was possible!), all I've managed to bang out is the animecon write-up and a page on the Linux game engine for Morrowind, OpenMW, which is playable, but my plugins don't work in it, maybe because the latest version starts with 0.37, but the OpenSUSE repositories will only install the latest 0.36 version. Annoyed at all the superfluous italicization of game and software titles, based on how I wrote titles in the animecon write-ups, I started to remove them from the Oberon game pages, although the biggest section, hidden object games, remains to be done. I've also cancelled my membership at Oberon/CasualGames/Iplay, due to the repeated company name changes and dropping of games from the site; now maybe I'll find the time to play and review all those games that have been piling up. A few pictures have been added to roguelikes and pipe games. Finally, I've made a new Space Colony campaign called Pustule Planet, about the joys of pyrocyns.

Interim update: cripes, I thought I'd uploaded the updated OpenMW page in March, but I forgot. But OpenMW has updated itself recently, giving me a chance to make up for this forgetfulness. Also updated: the Morrowind Modding page, although I'm not done with that yet: there simply HAS to be a way to make a NPC drink a potion.

Interim update after four-year hiatus: since my ISP is about to fold, all files have been moved to the domain. Hiatus continues.

One last quote from the Miss Marple boxed set: the immediate reaction of a woman who hears of her father's death. (Click on the graphic to hear the quote.)

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01-01-2009 AVI file replaced (AGAIN)

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13-10-2010 Update of links list


Updated Morrowind modding, OpenMW
Updated Morrowind modding

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14-04-2003 Organized files in subdirectories

Nature Page

Shifted the contents to another server
Uploaded a missing pic


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13-01-2011 Pruned links in "skins and skinnables" page


08-10-2013 Corrected some typos here and there

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