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The Fragrance Tale CDs


Why I recommend these CDs: Addle almost kills Nadhew; Claydle almost kills Nadhew; demon interaction; Philyth isn't such a sap; Tim doesn't cry (well, almost). The two stories take place i. during and ii. after the completion of the famous "Naoverie" that will end the war. In the first story, Liam is swallowed up by a flower (yes) and his visitors from either world will have to cooperate to get him back. In the second story, a series of misunderstandings concerning an artifact and its misplacement threaten the newly established peace. In either story, Liam is the same neutral character that he is in the game, the only suggestion of romance being a bit of innuendo between Sittra and Solude, and the only character accused of having a crush on Liam being poor, poor Sapphy...

Everlasting Note

The album title and track names are all in English, although it took me a while to figure out that "ebarastingu" was supposed to be "everlasting".

Base note - forbidden flower

The play opens with twinkling sounds and a truly nauseatingly cute voice belonging to, as the title suggests, a flower. Cut scene to the four fairies, Ruby making the most noise as usual, discussing the new arrival, until Ruby tells them to hush: there's someone coming. Phew: it's only Liam. He greets them all and asks what's going on. They fall into a discussion whether they should tell him, both Ruby and Emel shamefully picking on Sapphy who practically wails an apology, and Liam becoming more confused and going: "eh? eh?" until in their arguing they forget him altogether and fly off, not even hearing him call after them. Unenlightened, he sighs and decides to go home. On the way, he sees something sparkle and goes to investigate. It's a flower: apparently a very pretty one, that he wants to show to Tim who he's expecting for a visit. Yanking it out requires considerable effort, and I'm not even sure he succeeds before there's a zapping sound effect and the flower says something in a triumphant tone.

Top note - rose tea

On their home planet, Addle and Solude are being served rose tea by Philyth and conversing pleasantly as may be expected from divine beings. The tranquil atmosphere is shattered by Tim who runs in gasping and panicking to say Liam is gone. Addle rebukes him for his undisciplined behaviour. Philyth says that maybe Liam went to see his teacher, but Tim says Liam was expecting him and the table was already laid. What could have happened to the boy? Addle is quick to draw his conclusions: he was abducted by the filthy scum from Annwn! In any case, it would be a good idea to consult Lugh.

Addle knocks on Lugh's door, but no answer. After some discussion, Solude simply opens the door, steps in and calls Lugh's name to bring him out from wherever he is, telling the others to do the same. (Liam is at this point still working on the Naoverie project, so his disappearance is important enough to disturb the boss for.) Addle, already scandalized at Solude's disrespectful behaviour, is mortified when the others follow his example. Still no response; Solude states that Lugh is not here. The others can't believe that the Almighty Lugh would desert his servants - especially Tim has problems accepting this, and keeps crying his name - but it's no use, they will have to face this particular crisis themselves. So off they go to Liam's house.

There follows a soliloquy from Lugh, who has probably heard the angels call, but can't help them because he's off on a transdimensional rescue mission of his own.

Top note - session

At Liam's house, Sittra expresses concern over Liam's absence. Nadhew is not the least worried: let the kid turn up in his own good time, in the meanwhile it wouldn't be proper to just leave all this good stuff on the table, and his next words are uttered with a full mouth. Sittra snippishly remarks on, one assumes, table manners. Loki, who has been scouring the area, bounces happily into view, then becomes very cross when he sees that Nadhew ("aniki", a term of endearment meaning "big brother", although I doubt they're related) has eaten all the food. Sittra sighs and asks Loki if he's seen anything. Well, no Liam, but there's a bunch of angels...

Seeing demons at Liam's house, Addle wants to know what they're doing there. Philyth reminds Addle in a whisper that they're here to find Liam, not to fight. In the kind of authoritative tone that doesn't go down well with demons, Addle demands to know Liam's whereabouts. They don't know, but of course are not going to be talked to like that without giving a few sneers in return. Seeing Addle turn purple, Solude takes over and addresses Sittra, who expresses delight at seeing him again (what's been going on between these two, hmm?) but can't help him with his query. Tim blurts out that Liam has been bewitched (he uses the word "glaumerie"), which gets him an extremely disdainful reply from Sittra. The boy almost bursts out in tears. Addle, still purple in the face, wants to know where the other one is - the other one? Claydle? no idea; nigromancing in a cave, probably - and repeats the accusation of kidnap. Nadhew roars at him that they don't know where Liam is, and then grins: how can they be sure the angels didn't stow him away somewhere? At this base counter-accusation Addle almost has a fit of rage, and it's just as well Solude notices some strange flowers. Sittra, the flower expert, pricks his ears at the mention of flowers and wants to know if Solude is pulling his leg, because he can't see anything. So instead, Solude asks Philyth - the other flower expert - to describe what he sees. Philyth's answer - a "platina" flower - confirms his fear. Sittra, who has heard of this flower, goes into a long explanation with Philyth supplying a sentence now and then. Liam has been swallowed up by a special flower that relies on otherworldly visitors for pollination. He even rummages around in the undergrowth to see if he can find it, and, in touching it, causes some sort of reaction, which of course only the angels see. Angels can see it, demons can touch it, humans are swallowed up by it and transported to another dimension. Well, at least they now know where Liam has gone, and what they have to do to bring him back; find and pollinate every flower of this kind on the planet.

Middle note - selfish flower garden

In the parallel dimension to which Liam has been transported, the sickeningly sweet flower voice is giggling and telling him to wake up. Having just woke up, he falls over backwards at seeing a visitor even more unexpected than his new surroundings: Lugh, who has somehow found his way into Flowerspace. For both Liam's and the listener's benefit, Lugh goes into an even longer explanation (after all, don't archangels know everything?) which totally confuses Liam, but then again, what's happening here can't be much more bizarre than the events following the finding of a certain bottle, can it? Liam thanks him for the explanation and the track ends on more nauseating giggling from the flower.

Middle note - contrast

Addle, still purple in the face, is stomping off with Solude in tow, trying to talk sense into him. At last he allows himself to be persuaded, and Solude asks him why he's letting this Nadhew character get under his skin. They reunite with Tim and Philyth, and Addle announces they will cooperate with Annwn.

The scene changes to Claydle who, judging from the scary background music, is nigromancing in a cave. He has discovered the invisible flower (people who prefer darkness don't rely on sight so much?) and seems about to destroy it when Sittra comes in and asks angrily just what he thinks he's doing. Claydle warns him to back off. He doesn't, so his next sentence is cut short as Claydle yanks him away to safety. (On subsequent hearings, I got the impression it's Sittra who pulls Claydle away just before the explosion, as Claydle yells at him to let go.)

They are joined by the others. Claydle, moody at having been disturbed during a ritual, is startled to hear that everyone already knows about the flower (and that it's got Liam in its clutches), then composes himself. Nadhew cheerfully announces that they have some flowers to hand-pollinate, and Claydle (suddenly sounding remarkably like Solude talking to Addle; within their team, they both represent the voice of reason) tells him to wait a moment and asks him how he expects to do that to something he can't see. Just then, the angels are heard talking among themselves as they approach - how convenient! Claydle mutters something foul - angels give him goosebumps - but decides, just this once, to tolerate them. His companions certainly don't seem to mind their presence.

Last note - slapstick

Addle pairs up the members of either team: Philyth with Sittra, Solude with Claydle and Tim with Nadhew. Which means Addle will be paired up with Loki, something this young lad is very unhappy about. At his protests, Nadhew employs the demon style of upbringing: "Because I say so, that's why!" Whap! Loki resigns himself to his fate and sighs over his other, luckier teammates, calling the Sittra-Philyth duo "high society". Indeed, these two are falling over each other in their attempts to be agreeable. Claydle's approach is very different: "okay, let's get this over with", and his jaw drops when Solude's musing enquiries reveal that this angel-creature's knowledge of black magic may equal his own. Addle calls Tim over for a little pep talk before delivering him unto the Evil One (Nadhew) and is touched by his devotion. Nadhew just tosses Loki into the angel ring.

Last note - everlasting note

In the Flowerverse, Lugh is speaking to Liam, presumably warning the boy to follow him and not pay heed to the talking flower. Liam sounds very tired - who knows how long he's been walking around there - but is touched when he does something and the flower says "thank you". He ecstatically reports this to Lugh, only to find he's talking to thin air. Lugh notices he's lost Liam, and sounds very relieved when they catch sight of each other. They won't be together much longer; his and his enemy's servants have almost completed their work, and the Flowerverse is about to dissolve. This is quite a frightening experience, and Liam cries out in fear as he's hurled back into his own dimension.

On Rirudana, Liam hears the angels call to him as they stand over his unconscious body, Tim almost in tears. He wonders why they're there and what he was doing here. Then he hears the demons' voices, Nadhew going something like "c'mon, snap out of it" and remembers his mission to create the Naoverie fragrance. He comes round, to Tim's immense and very audible relief.

The fairies are talking amongst themselves again. Sapphy lets slip that she thinks Liam looked very cute while unconscious, which gets her laughed at and feeling terribly embarrassed. Lugh, visiting at Liam's house, is shown something; maybe Liam kept one flower head as a souvenir. The last track plays the game's opening song.

Naoverie II

There's one track per character, with the character's name and a word in Japanese for which I picked what seemed the most sensible translation.

Addle - Temptation

The magical fragrance has been created, there is peace between the two outer worlds and Addle is at Liam's house for a cup of tea. He's still having a little trouble adjusting to the idea that demons are no longer The Enemy, and sounds a bit lost. He remarks that this tea has an unusual taste. Liam asks if he likes it, is overjoyed to be answered in the affirmative and reveals that it's made with demon herbs; Nadhew's brand of Earl Grey, as it were. Addle almost drops the cup. Liam hastily offers to make him some new tea, but he controls himself and says it's okay. The visit ends on the over-familiar syrupy song.

Walking back through the forest, Addle is deeply lost in disturbed thoughts concerning Liam's safety, and Nadhew tails him a while before shocking him out of his reverie and sarcastically complimenting him on his acuity and reaction speed. When Nadhew gets close enough to be able to tell that Addle has been sampling his herbs, leading to more sarcasm, Addle furiously pushes him away and wings off home.

Tim - Worry

Searching in a row of books - and sounding as if he's humming a tune - Tim finally finds what he's looking for: a book about Rirudana, which, opened at a certain page, produces twinkling sounds to indicate that Something Important is here, either inserted in the book or imprinted on the page itself. (I think it's supposed to be a magical seal.) Not knowing what it is, he decides to ask Addle, who just then arrives, understandably still ruffled and a little curt. Tim asks what happened and accurately guesses that the reason for his upset is Annwn. He issues some order at which Tim enthusiastically says "really?" and gasps when he sees the book. It has something to do with a covenant between Lugh and Cifer. Philyth turns up and says Lugh wants to see Addle, who leaves, and stays behind to chat to Tim who wants to give the book to Liam but can't because of whatever Addle just told him to do, which involves Solude. Philyth advises him to give it to Solude. He thinks this is a good idea, then asks worriedly if Addle will be all right. Philyth murmurs something about what a sweet child he is and wishes him good luck. He writes a note asking Solude to deliver the book for him.

Philyth - Remembrance

From the sound of it, Philyth is standing on a beach when, eliciting cries of admiration, Lugh Himself appears and addresses both Philyth and a reappeared Addle. Philyth now addresses him as "Addr-sama" and pours him some tea. Addle puts up with this at first but at the third time, says in embarrassment that this really isn't necessary and his own name will do. Then, to Addle's shocked surprise, Nadhew strides up to them, complimenting Addle on his promotion. Philyth courteously offers Nadhew tea and a seat, and he does behave unusually well, neither sneering at Addle nor pinching Philyth's butt. Addle says it's strange he should be here (one assumes this takes place in Flaithis) to which Nadhew replies that the strange decision is Cifer's. Philyth obviously knows something they don't, because he's smiling when the other two discover their respective leaders have made a similar decision, and cry out in surprise together.

Philyth is probably alone, though still on a beach (or maybe the scene with Lugh was a flashback) when, in the middle of his reminiscing, Solude walks up. They share a smile over Addle's awkwardness towards Nadhew, Philyth asks if he has Tim's book - he does - and they chat a bit more on the immeasurable goodness of Lugh andsoforth.

Solude - Precision

Solude is having tea with Lugh, who, in his usual solemn resonant voice (you wouldn't say this is the same person who voices Sittra) says things that shock even the most equable of his servants. I'd love to know what he says, as Solude almost drops his teacup; it concerns Naoverie, Addle and Liam, that's all I can tell. Maybe Solude is feeling a certain book burn in his pocket? But he's not the sort of person to do things on the sly.

Cut scene to Liam who also says something about Naoverie, just before Solude visits. Liam was expecting Tim, but is happy with the book and especially with the twinkly bit that Solude shows him, thinking it's Tim's handiwork. Solude laughs; it's not, but Liam is still very happy and asks his visitor to thank Tim for him.

Loki - Mystery

While Liam is out with Solude, Loki, having decided to pay him a visit, first bangs on the door without response, then either teleports into the house or crawls in through the chimney while sniggering to himself, then jumps onto the bed crying "Wake up!" But the house really is empty, and, disappointed, he stretches out on the bed hoping to surprise Liam when he returns. He feels something and pulls out the book (was it under the pillow?) and finds the twinkling page. A book from Flaithis? Boo! Disgusted, he tosses it aside and decides to wait for Liam's return.

When Liam returns, he's petrified to see an open door and hear sounds coming from the bedroom. It's Loki, who has fallen asleep waiting and is snoring audibly. Through Liam's cries and shaking to wake him up, he mumbles something about "Lugh-sama" who he seems to be addressing. Then he goes "Liam..." and turns over in his sleep, falling off the bed and dragging Liam down with him. Awake, he's not sure where he is ("at my house", Liam pointedly says) sighs, yawns, and says that just now he was in Flaithis. The thought of Loki in Flaithis makes Liam smile, and he offers Loki something to drink. "Juice" is the rather plaintive answer, to which Liam laughs again and brings the requested beverage.

After much glugging, Loki wipes his mouth, and Liam asks why he's here, as it's unusual he should visit. Loki indignantly asks what's so unusual about that, then admits that he wanted to get away from home for a bit. Tension is mounting between Nadhew and Claydle, the latter either angry at being passed over or simply disgusted at the idea of peace with the angels. But - and he veers up again - this book is just what he needs. Which book? Well, the book he just found in the bed. Is it okay if he takes it to Annwn? Not really giving a doubtful Liam time to answer, he's gone.

In Flaithis, Addle knocks on Lugh's door. Has Loki's presence been detected? Was his visit more than a dream? The subject of the twinkly artifact comes up, and Lugh says it's not here but in Rirudana, in human hands.

Claydle - Depression

Loki reappears in the world of dripping caves and screeching bats that is Annwn and eagerly leafs through his treasure. He can't find the page, though, and doesn't notice Claydle until it's too late. Claydle wants to know i. if he's doing anything for Nadhew ii. what he's holding iii. where he got it (at Liam's house, Loki honestly replies) and unerringly finds the twinkly page. He asks again where this came from and, judging from the buzzing sound effect, is gathering a bolt of energy to destroy it. Loki yells at him to stop and snatches the book away. Claydle questions his loyalties and tells him to scram. Something is buzzing again, so Loki is happy to oblige.

Claydle continues to walk alone, darkly wondering what the world is coming to, when Nadhew plays the same trick on him that he played on Addle earlier. His target reacts immediately: there is a flash and the sound of falling rocks from the blast that Nadhew has just avoided. Undeterred, he continues to taunt Claydle who replies in a tight little voice that expresses "you'd better shut up before you really piss me off", but of course he doesn't, and Claydle's next reply is a furious snarl. Weapons are drawn, and they're about to square off when Sittra comes running up and says something like "now, now, children, stop fighting". He chides them for squabbling when there are serious matters going on between Lugh and Cifer. Claydle wasn't out to cause trouble in the first place, but Nadhew feels cheated out of a fight, and while they're following Sittra, he makes some comment to Claydle in the way that schoolboys whisper insults at each other after they've just been told off by the headmaster. They almost start fighting again, so Sittra imparts a bit of information that makes both their jaws drop.

Sittra - Sign

Before a crackling fire in Sittra's house, Nadhew demands an explanation. So, what's going on? It has something to do with the twinkling artifact. Nadhew makes some statement regarding Cifer and Sittra says he doesn't know - and then Loki comes running in to show his find to Sittra. Nadhew would like to see it, too. Uh, "aniki" is here? Oops! And Claydle too? BIG oops! Sittra asks what it is he wanted to show, and he shuffles his feet. Has he been to Rirudana? Yes, er, um, no, well, maybe a little. Goodbye! He turns to run, and crying out "hang on, you!" Nadhew grabs him by the collar and shakes him until the book falls out of his clothes, grasp or wherever he was hiding it. It falls open at the appropriate page, twinkling for all it's worth. Sittra recognizes the artifact. So does Claydle, provoking a sneer from Nadhew ("so, you're into angel stuff?") who asks Loki if he's been doing things for Claydle. Sittra tells them to shut up for a bit and questions Loki further, barely believing he would find such an important artifact at the house of a schoolboy. He discusses the find with Claydle while, in the background, Nadhew asks Loki if he's hiding anything else, hm? And tickles him, making him go "heeheeheeheehehehe quit it quit it!" Sittra has to raise his voice more and more above the din until he loses his temper and tells them to SHUT UP, NOW. They meekly hang their heads and say "yes" in unison. Sittra sighs.

For more information, Sittra pays a visit to Solude. Does he know that Loki brought an artifact of Lugh's to Annwn, supposedly from Liam's home? Solude thinks for a moment and then says yes, it was inside a book he gave to Liam, and he names the book's title. Sittra thanks him and leaves.

Nadhew - Encounter

Nadhew is on his way to return the book with artifact, followed by a protesting Loki who doesn't see why he can't keep it a bit longer. Because, Nadhew lets him know, if Cifer gets wind of this there'll be biiiig trouble, see? Loki protests a bit more, but Nadhew shakes him off; he has a book to deliver. That is, after he's pestered Addle.

Addle sounds as if he's leafing through books when his least favourite demon turns up to see how he's doing. To Addle's cross "yes, what do you want", he pretends to be concerned about the lost artifact and to know where, possibly, it might be found. Then he does something that sounds like tearing out a page - Addle is scandalized - and there is the twinkling artifact. Addle is gobsmacked. Nadhew laughs long and loud as he walks to Liam's house, opens the door (there doesn't seem to be anyone home), leaves the book and teleports away.

The story comes full circle with Addle at Liam's house being offered tea, from strictly local herbs this time. He sees the book with artifact and hears that it was a gift from Tim. So, far from having been lost or stolen by demons as he supposed, it was given away by one of his own people. The drama ends on an instrumental version of the theme song.

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