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Odd pix

A page to collect odd snapshots from around the house and garden. For more odd pix, see Pretty snippings, Elusive eclipse and Slightly strange.

Tomato oddities

The tomato baby miracle. It's nothing unusual for a tomato seed to start sprouting inside a fruit. What is unusual is for someone eating that tomato on the train home, to spit out the seedling unharmed. And to take it home (in a dent made in a pack of butter, as I really had no other container to put it in) and lovingly plant it in a pot. And there the miracle ended, because the seedling, once grown to a respectable size, died from underwatering. (Sadly bad closeup quality, as Ididn't have the hang of closeups yet.)

A teeny tiny raisin-like beefsteak (same regrettable closeup quality) that might have developed into something awesome, had my lack of green thumbs not killed off the plant.

Kings of the kitchen, tomatoes can produce moulds that look good enough to be used as faux-fur trimming (although they might be a bit too fragile for that purpose, let alone the smell). The photographs do not do this mould's sheer fluffiness justice.

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