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xjig at
Xjig-2.5 is an is an improved version of the jigsaw puzzle developed by Helmut Hoenig, The original version 2.4 was released July 24th 1996. Changes include: fixing the piece so it rotates in 90-degree steps, choosing a different shape for the pieces, putting the edge pieces in a different pile.

It was last updated on 04-11-2013. Having been forked to xpuz (see next link), it is no longer being maintained.

xpuz at
xpuz is a fork of xjig 2.5. It can be built and installed without any conflict with xjig. It was last updated on 16-02-2014.

Both can be used with the interface xJigsaw (see next link).

xJigsaw Help
Summed up from the page: "xJigsaw combines xpuz and a simple gui to allow easy creation of jigsaw puzzles.

You can preview images, set puzzle width, select piece size, swap mouse buttons, fix rotation angle to 90 degrees, set piece style and distortion, perform piece flipping and cropping and more. xJigsaw will work with PNG, GIF, JPG, TIFF and BMP images.

There is an image preview that can be seen as a floating picture while you solve the puzzle.

You can also create stand-alone executable puzzles. These puzzles will run on most Linux distributions. They do not need xjigsaw, xpuz or xjig to be installed. [...] There is no need to install xpuz separately. Just unzip xjigsaw and run it. It will run from any folder without installation."

The xJigsaw Help page is like a development history page, starting with xpuz at the bottom and ending in a detailed whole xJigsaw manpage. The topmost binary downloads are 64-bit versions compiled on Linux Mint 17 and 19; there are also X11 versions for 32bit distros.

There is still an old SourceForge page for Xjig Manager, described as "Xjig Puzzle Manager is a launcher for xjig 2.5", but Xjig Manager is no longer available for download, and its page links to the xJigsaw Help page.

Just as xJigsaw contains xpuz, xjiggui, downloadable as source or a 32-bit (xjig-gtk_0.3.2-2.6.1_i386.deb, version 0.3.2) or 64-bit (xjig-gtk_1.3.2.2-2.6.1_amd64.deb, version binary, contains xjig. Judging from the readme file, the only difference between these two versions, dating from respectively 05-11-2013 and 16-02-2020, is that the latter has been compiled for a 64-bit OS. Installing xjiggui also installs xjig version 2.6.1, which is even newer than the forked version on SourceForge.

As the author rightly remarks, the xjig versions installable from repositories tends to be outdated, but fortunately, his new version effortlessly updates them.