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Goon abuse

When one is an ordinary green goon serving that glorious organization called Galactor, one's life expectancy may become extraordinarily short. So short, in fact, that one needn't worry about a dental plan, even though having one's teeth kicked in is a certainty. It is not one's enemies one has to worry about most, however; any seasoned Galactor knows that the greatest danger comes from one's employer.

Abuse of subordinate Galactors falls into one of four categories:

"Suffer my wrath"

It is only very rarely that a Galactor would deliberately provoke the temper of Berg Katze. And young Koji's last-minute disobedience during a sabotage mission to the Bird Missile factory isn't so much provocation as loyalty to his ex Jun, who, he has just discovered, is fighting on the other side. Whether aware of this or not, Katze - watching the whipping on a viewscreen - shows himself unusually clement.

He is less clement to the corrupt police officer who takes his contentment at an initially successful attempt to unmask G-4 as a cue to get chummy.

A couple of over-forward Galactors in civvies are saved by the fact that their leader is too concerned with the tape they recovered to waste time shooting them when they dare to ask for a reward. Once safely out of hearing, one of them comments on the lack of incentive.

But if there's one thing Katze really hates, it's his men disobeying an order to kill his men. Or to let them die when there is work to be done which is more urgent than a man's life. And when the time of reckoning comes... (Anyone who recognizes this "Galactor" will know that he was not in fact killed.)

"Incompetent fools!"

Katze likes to complain about many things, but his fondest complaint must be "I am surrounded by fools!". A bit of ep-hopping:

In episode "The Moonlit Tombs", one goon says something that he obviously thinks is very bright. A swift backhand tells him otherwise.

In the episode "The bracelet is exposed", where Katze uses a ray to detransmute the Birdstyled ninjas, he imperiously tosses out the goon driver after a high leap into a gunner vehicle to avoid the Birdrang. "If you want something done properly, you've got to do it yourself" is what he might have been muttering in the last picture.

And again, an added circumstance being that the goon is too dead to hop out at his command.

Episode "Return to life, boomerang!": surely it is not this goon's fault that his aiming apparatus blows up. But Katze looks ready to beat him all the same.

Episode "Set up a trap for Crescent Base": what this poor fool said I have no idea. His companion, smug at having escaped punishment, gets a taste of the fist. (And Katze hits hard - either that or goons have no sense of balance.)

In episode "Wounded G-2" he actually pulls one goon's ear because the Devil Star isn't moving fast enough to his liking. "mumble grumble... I am surrounded by fools..."

"Bwaahahaha! You have outlived your use"

This is something Katze never says to a green goon - simply because they aren't any use! It is reserved for intelligent Galactors whose trust he likes to betray, because, as is obvious from his parting sneer at Mikhail, he doesn't trust anyone himself.

Poor Maya, thinking she would be free to leave Galactor if she captured the Gatchaninjas, as promised, only to learn that she would have been shot even if she had succeeded.

And Mikhail, too grateful to the one employer offering him a career to suspect he would be dispensed of as soon as his work was done. Moments after Ken and Joe have entered his office - the former having given him a beating, the latter disarming him just in time - gas starts to flood the chamber, and Katze gives him a parting gloat from his escape vehicle. (Note Ken's disapprovingly crossed arms, "See, this is what you get if...")


What are green goons for except to serve as living shields?

And again, in the rather transparent disguise of "Katzen Berig" ("Katzenberg"?) That thing hitting the green goon instead of its target is the crescent on the cord of Joe's gun.

In case of defeat they should, of course, be left within the exploding mecha while their leader makes his escape...

Different ep, same story...

Although this goon looks like he might get away: "Permission to run, sir, as base is about to blow" after which he outruns his superior!

Begging one's leader for succour is of course a transgression that must be punished with a few swift kicks.

Another failed escape attempt, and the goons who fell off the helicopter may have smiled when they saw it crash into the trees and explode.

One may be shot by one's leader, used as a live shield, abandoned to die after a failed offensive; or one may have the audacity to slip and fall during a rush job. (It was a rush job. The planet was being fried.) This goon's companion tries to save him, but Katze - showing what a great marksman he is, now why does he almost always miss when shooting at Science Ninjas? - severs the cord with one shot, and the poor goon falls to his death. (Splat.)

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