Created: 02-05-2004
Last update: 02-05-2004

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Dordrecht can be divided into two regions: the town centre with its historical sights and buildings which really belongs on the "Old photos" page, and the suburbs built around this centre as it grew. The station is in the middle of it all, one entrance leading to the "business" side of town in the old town centre, the other to a park lined on all sides with low-rise apartments which fade into other, poorer zones, into which, a native tells me, ambulances will not go without a police escort. This native was surprised, though, to hear of juvenile misbehaviour problems in the town's offshoot Dordrecht Stadspolders, although I could tell that place was trouble just from looking at it.

Close to the station, the expensive-high-buildings zone.

A very different sight: what one could call the cheap-high-buildings zone. This is Stadspolders, a suburb large enough to have its own train station. The second picture shows a playfully shaped area of water which, one can tell when one comes closer, is chiefly used by people to chuck their junk in.

Immediately around the station, an effort is made to relieve the monotony by what looks like a tower of expensive apartments to the left, and a kind of blue sattelite dish to the left.

Behind the rail that marks the end of the platform, houses that look like copies of the ones behind the office blocks in Sliedrecht.

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