Created: 02-05-2004
Last update: 02-05-2004

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Sliedrecht is one of those places I can't run from, because I work there and need the income to pay the rent and mortgage. It is also a place I would not like to live in. Churchiness abounds, the old main street is gloomy, the apartment blocks behind it are ugly, and my only other tie to it is the competent dentist who takes care of my dental checks and cavities. Fortunately, the office where I work is just across the road from the station. Unfortunately, they're laying off workers at the rate of one person a year - it's a matter of time before my turn comes.

Taken from the station platform, looking straight into the office blocks, and again from an angle, to show that the rows of windows continue around the sides.

Behind the offices, some ordinary houses (with very pointed triangular roofs). Probably the place where the company wanted me to get a house so they wouldn't have to reimburse train tickets. After it fused with another company, I was handed a national railway pass with no fuss.

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