KiSS Page

Since I've found that its maintainer sees KiSS as a way to influence people's social/political views, I've distantiated myself from the Big KiSS page. (For anyone who wants further explanation: click here.) This means that all references to it on my KiSS page have been scrapped (excepted any that escaped my notice).

However, as I made this page to provide information, and emphatically not to get caught up in anything political: the Big KiSS Page is part of OtakuWorld, a site with many different subsites (not all of them aimed at politically educating the visitor, I hope), and it hosts a number of (F)KiSS specs documents, viewers and all the tutorial KiSS sets listed. OtakuWorld is a paysite, requiring a subscription to download, but simply surfing is free.

And with politics now so much a part of KiSS, I'll understand if anyone whose page I've linked to wants me to remove that link, too. If you see your page/site listed on any of my pages and want the link removed, mail me with a name or clear description of the link and I'll scrap it with no questions asked. Once it's gone, though, I won't put it back.