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Custom objects

A few hacked objects to make the game more fun. "Language" refers only to menu strings and catalogue description, any object should work with any language installation.

"Version" means the earliest expansion pack the object will work with; if something is marked "Hot Date" and you don't have Hot Date but you do have Vacation, it will work. If an object really does need that specific expansion pack, its name will be followed by an exclamation mark. Since HD and later expansion packs are internally quite different from The Sims/LL/HP, objects may come in a pre-HD and a post-HD version; these versions will have the same GUID and should not be used together in the game. Pre-HD versions won't crash post-HD installations (although options may be missing) but post-HD versions will likely crash pre-HD installations or have strange side-effects.

For info on where to place what, see What goes where or look in the included readme file, which also contains conditions for cloning.

Click on the pictures (or on "No pic") to download.

Last uploaded
Fixed ArtGlobals The ArtGlobals file from Hot Date and later, re-created to work with The Sims, Livin' Large and House Party. Goes in GameData\Global. Not needed in Deluxe or Double Deluxe. ArtGlobals.iff - The Sims No pic
03-01-2005 -
Snack J sign The well-known concrete J outside Jun's snackbar. Brings over visitors during opening hours, not to mention police officers and, if HP is installed, party crashers. (They're attracted to the crowd, though, not to the sign.) Only buyable on residential lots, because I don't know what the code would do on other kinds of lots. SnackJsign.iff Outside, Decorative, Sculpture. The Sims and fixed ArtGlobals, or Hot Date Snack J sign
14-11-2005 UK/US
Painting "Hot Stuff" A bit of a joke that came out of my first attempt to do something with Art Studio. Only buyable on residential lots. PaintingHotStuff.iff Bedroom, Decorative, Painting. The Sims HotStuff
03-01-2005 UK/US, NL
What Hair Day mirror An object to provide Zoltar/Mala/Katze with mask, cloak and/or hairstyles. These are "suits" and will not appear in character icons; they will also be stripped off whenever the Sim leaves a lot, so this mirror should be hung wherever the character is expected for a visit. Because a visiting Katze will be suitless, the mirror can also be used on visitors. Other options: "change gender" (for the right voice when Katze changes from leader to captain outfit and vice versa) and "villain laugh" (borrowed from the chess set). The HD version is categorized for all non-residential lots and adapted for dates. WhatHairDayMirror.iff,
WhatHairDayMirrorHD.iff (see readme files for skin/animation files)
Bedroom, Misc, Wardrobe. Livin' Large and up (it will work in the Sims, but not on visitors) WhatHairDayMirror
04-09-2005 UK/US/NL Hot Date and up WhatHairDayMirrorHD


Gradient wallpapers

Very simple shaded wallpapers in colours I found lacking in the old Sims, though some have been supplied in expansion packs (notably "Old Gold" in Unleashed). Created a long time ago, lost in disk crash, then re-created for the Experihood, vainly trying to remember all the old catalogue descriptions. If the current descriptions seem a bit rushed and unimaginative, that's why. (Last updated 20-11-2006: sprites recoded by hand and Dutch translations added.)

Click anywhere on image below to download.

Gradient wallpapers

See-through bubble wallpaper

For experimental use, an attempt at a partly transparent wallpaper. This is what it looks like on my computer:

Transparent wallpaper

Tri-colour bubble wallpaper

A second experiment: normally all wallpaper sprites use the same palette (assigned per zoom level) but is it possible to assign to each zoom its own palette? The three zooms of this wallpaper are from the same graphic, but the smaller zooms have palettes where the RGB values have been reversed.

Three-palette wallpaper

"Stop!" wallpaper

A third experiment: now that I can code sprites by hand, the different views (front and sides) of a wallpaper don't all have to be the same. How about a wallpaper that looks slightly different from every angle at every zoom?

Diff-sprites wallpaper

Click here to download these three experiments.

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