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Essential hacks

Not completely essential, maybe, but certainly very convenient. These hacks replace the defaults and, with a few exceptions, have not been recoloured or significantly changed. The "universal" hacks are ones that I've found will work with any version; the files themselves are extracted from Unleashed or Makin' Magic. Other hacks are made per version that I have installed: The Sims, Livin' Large, House Party, Deluxe, Unleashed and Makin' Magic (if the object differs from one version to the next, that is - some are the same for two or more versions). Hot Date, Vacation and Superstar versions are made from files backed up before installing the next pack, but have not been tested in their own environment, because I don't have room for that many installations.

The version-specific hacks should not be used with the wrong version! Sims can become very disoriented when supplied with the wrong portal IFFs. The hacked object file goes in the same directory as the FAR file from which it was extracted; to undo the hack, simply delete the object IFF. Information like version and the place to put the file(s) can be found in the included readme file.

Versions within versions: in addition to updating the Sims executable, game patches may also alter standard objects. I've updated The Sims, LL, HD, Deluxe and UL with their respective Maxis patches before extracting and hacking the IFF files. However, I haven't made backups of each expansion pack file before adding the next one, ie. there are no V, UL and MM versions of Vacation-specific objects, even though later packs do update them. For such objects, if I find a difference, I'll include both the original Vacation or Hot Date object and a version from Deluxe or later, as Deluxe does patch these two packs, and hope that's good enough.

These hacks will not update existing hacks! If a hacked version of a standard IFF file already exists in the directory, overwriting it with one of these hacks means it is gone! For instance, there is a "Bills.iff" hack that makes the bills disappear. Replacing this hack with my "Bills.iff" means the bills are back. Choose which you'd prefer, or check out the simple object hack howtos for how to apply my modifications to an existing hack. Be careful also with specialized IFF editors like career editing programs; these may alter or overwrite an existing CarPortal.IFF.

Finally: try these at your own risk. I have tested them, briefly, but there may be some bugs I haven't found yet. If I find one, I'll correct and re-upload the hack.

Stuff made buyable:

Kid-friendly stuff:

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