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Since The Sims started out as house-designing software and making Simbuildings has proved such fun, I've now assembled a number of neighbourhoods, two of them for the Katze skin, one of them containing all the standard Sims (except for the Mashugas - their house is tacky enough as it is) with not-so-standard housing, and one with empty houses, also fairly non-standard. They are:

Apart from the Extended Animehood, these neighbourhoods were all made in The Sims Deluxe/Livin' Large; each lot is compatible with Livin' Large unless otherwise stated. In addition to the standard contents of the expansion packs, I've used the extra free downloads from Maxis' site, not all of which are included in LL.

In all hoods I've deliberately refrained from using custom objects as much as possible, trying to create the right house for a character from the same old basic materials. A few hacked objects are needed for all-child families; how to hack objects, and how to change skins once the proper skins have been put up, is explained on the Sims Support Page. However, I've used very many fan-made skins and meshes in the Extended Animehood; the makers' sites are referred to in the family descriptions. One custom element I've used is the realistic hand skins/meshes from Corry's Factory, (see the Sim links). Without these, characters may develop white hands. (In a very odd pattern; light Sims have one white hand, medium Sims two, dark Sims none.)

To use these files, unzip them into Userdata\Import, start the game, and import them into the chosen neighbourhood.

The houses have been updated a few times to solve problems like Deluxe-related "missing objects" messages, wrong bodystrings, persisting old thumbnails and disappearing character bios. Houses that have been repeatedly uploaded for any of these reasons have a "last uploaded" date added. A big update in 01-2007 was taking the Gatcha-families out of the Animehood to make a separate Gatchahood.

Because bios tend to go missing when importing a family into a different-language installation (like ENG-UK to ENG-US, hm!) especially in pre-HD versions, I'm adding the bios to the "inhabitants" pages.

To look at the lots, pick a neighbourhood:

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