Created: 01-01-2022
Last update: 15-01-2022


Links to Gatchaman and Battle of the Planets pages

These have not stood the test of time; most are gone.

  1. The Gatchaguru Page, a mostly-text, no-browser-crashing-gimmicks page, links to scripts, synopses and Katze fanfic. Note: this page is heavily out of date, the tape trading service stopped because the series came out on DVD, and links may be dead; the other fan pages linked to are all gone.

  2. Veronika's Gatchaman Page has summaries, with screen caps, for all episodes of the first and second Gatchaman series, and translations of some Gatchaman material. The links to other fan pages are dead.

  3. The Gatchaman Goods Home Page although no longer updated, is at least still up.

  4. The Gatchaman fanfic archive formerly had its own site, but is now part of

  5. The fansite Home of the White Shadow, which had episode guides, analyses and fanart, is gone (snapshots from 2008 and 2011 have been preserved by the WayBack Machine), but its maker still has the Gatchablog.

  6. The Gatcha-Funnies is a parody fan page, putting up screen captures from the show with funny captions.

  7. TVTropes has an entry on Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, and a character sheet.

  8. Just for fun, Bloody Plastic's Jun the Swan Helmet shows a model of Jun's helmet.

  9. Battle of the Planets is a rare surviving BotP fansite, listing episode titles and giving in-depth descriptions of G-Force. It has some soundfiles, two screensavers (from around 2000 so not guaranteed to work on modern Windows) and three wallpapers. All but one of its links are dead.

  10. Strijd der Planeten is a bilingual Dutch/English BotP fansite giving information on the Dutch version of BotP, how it differs from the English version, and what other translated variants of Gatchaman exist. For more in-depth information, it refers to fansites that no longer exist. I didn't check the links, but assume most are dead.

  11. JulieAnne's BotP Page (WayBack Machine snapshot) is worth a look for all the BoTP lore and trivia this dedicated fan has collected.

  12. BBC - Cult - Classic TV - Battle of the Planets: a short entry in the archive of BBC's classic series, it has an introduction, trivia, reviews and wallpapers.

  13. Battle of the Planets - user review in IMDb: yes, IMDb has a BotP entry.