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His Master's Voice 2

Part 2 of the Katze soundbyte collection: short sentences! With translations tacked on when available (source: Alara's scripts), more translations/corrections welcome. For remarks on recording quality, see part 1.

This section starts with an introduction of the villain by himself, again in that rather masculine-sounding voice of the third episode.
("You guessed right - I am Berg Katze, leader of Galactor.")

As the character formed and grew, the introduction changed into something like this. (ep 94)
("People of trash island, the great Berg Katze of Galactor himself has deigned to honour you with a visit!")

And then there's the stock villain-revealing-himself situation. In this episode, he disguises himself as the stewardess to accompany director Anderson on a private plane. (Now if he'd just used the opportunity and shot Anderson, but noooo...) Anyone have a clue what he's saying about himself this time? (ep 47)

But there's more to taking over the world than bwa-ha-ha-ing; a little diplomacy goes a long way, and in these four soundbytes, Katze, initially annoyed to have an intruder just when he's receiving a guest, converses with royalty in an unusually pleasant voice until he runs into the resentful heir to the kingdom, and his sneering side slowly gets the better of him. (ep 19)

Although chronically antipathetic to humans, he himself expects nothing but sympathy and respect, whining about his headache, unburdening himself to a concerned underling, then spluttering with fury to hear that his beloved hologram is thinking of replacing him with someone else - I'd get a headache just from the sound effects in the background. (ep 90)
(i."My head is killing me."
ii. To the question if he's had much sleep lately: "No. The quality of Galactor soldiers is going down, the Overlord has been in a rage.. It's just been one horrible thing after another."
iii. "It can't be! I can't believe the Overlord would...")

Well, very occasionally he shows recognition of their undying loyalty and hard efforts: hear him say "Thank you, doctor!" to a scientist whose work he's especially pleased with. I think this is the only, single instance he uses the expression. (ep 59)

Most of the time he yells at his men for incompetence or calls them idiots. Or, having narrowly escaped and left his men to die, he moans about how Gatchaman got him in trouble with the boss again. (eps 83, 105, 80)

Although occasionally things do work out, if only briefly, and he manages to get in some quality gloating... (ep 98)

...and a few sniggers. (Here's another one.) (eps 3, 103)

Another base about to blow - oh, darnit. (ep 29)

Life is hard when you're working towards world domination, but if you succeed, the rewards will be great - here's Katze rubbing his hands at the thought of his future as world ruler, and revealing his intrinsic naivity. (ep 103)
("And the world, in my hands, as I was promised - from now on, I'll be able to do whatever I like!")

I suppose he needs a psychological prop after the rather embarrassing incident with the ray gun and the ripped-off mask, to which our mutie responded in the following, rather typical manner. (ep 102)

That didn't go very well, nope, nuh-uh... But as usual he escapes with a parting gloat: "So long, Gatchasuckers!" (ep 43)

The greatest delight is to actually hold one of these Gatchasuckers captive so he can talk down at them. Entertaining though he believes himself to be, he doesn't expect laughter from his audience. Yes, the demented laugh is Joe's. (ep 104)
("It looks like learning about our plans has snapped your mind.")

All dreams come to an end in the final confrontation: Katze is numb with disbelief when it turns out that, no, he isn't going to be world ruler and yes, his great master really is going to leave him there to die. (ep 105)
("Overlord, you didn't - that's not what you promised me! Overlord, you said you would give the Earth to me...")

Now comes a painful moment, so why not record it in some painful sounds and pictures: the demented laughter (Katze's this time) at the mere notion of stopping X's death machine, and his final words: "Die, everyone! Die!" before he jumps into the lava pit. (ep 105)

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