Created: 28-12-1999
Last update: 22-01-2006


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Cartoon tributes

Montgomery Burns' homage to BK

Well, I thought it was very Katze. Homer Simpson manages to cause a meltdown in a simulator which doesn't actually contain nuclear material, and watch what Burns does. Approx. 2.7 Mb unzipped, 1,9Mb zipped.

Eek vs the Flying Saucers
(warning: sound files average 200Kb each)

One beautiful morning, Eek is visited by a cute fuzzy little alien. (Click on the graphic to hear why it came to planet Earth.)

But the alien isn't as cute as it seems. It is curiously interested in Annabelle.

And it ultimately reveals itself as: (Click on the graphic for a bit of soundtrack, and here to download a zipped AVI of the unmasking; 1,6 Mb zipped, 2 Mb unzipped.)

Annabelle is abducted to serve as battery for an Earth-destroying beam, Eek comes to the rescue, and a BOTP drinking game ensues:

Zoltar opens a trapdoor, releases a horde of bugs into it and has a jolly good laugh.

But Eek frees himself. To which the stock villain gives the stock villain reply: "Guards! Seize him!"

Eek pleads with him to spare the Earth, but he will not be dissuaded. (Click the graphic for his explanation why the Earth should be destroyed.)

Zoltaria's "green goons" in action: trying to stop Eek from freeing Annabelle, they get themselves zapped and roll their eyes in all possible directions.

Cosmic justice: chased up the beam cannon, Annabelle overturns it so that it points back at Zoltaria. The aliens are unhappy at the imminent destruction of their planet.

Like his namesake, Zoltar the evil Zoltarian survives anything, including trifles like the destruction of his own planet, to make cameo appearances in:

The Eex Files: (click on pic to hear MP3)

Mysteek Pizza, or: the legal aid no world-conquering alien should be without (click second pic to hear MP3)

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