Created: 14-04-2003
Last update: 01-01-2022

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BK's opinions

On Gatchaman:
I hate people who destroy within twenty-five minutes an impossibly huge mecha that took a whole week to make.

On G-1:
[nasty grin] Who's your daddy?

On G-2:

On G-3:
I'm sick of your panty shots, girl.

On G-4:
Annoying little sprat, breaking into bases and swallowing microfilms when he ought to be at school...

On G-5:

On Doctor Nambu:
I know it's a bit stale by now, but how does he keep his glasses on?

Narrow-minded ivory-tower types who are trying to halt the advance of the glorious Galactor syndicate.

On Galactor:
I wouldn't say we are a terrorist organization. I'd rather call us "Operation Earth Freedom".

On the Masked Assassins:
The most efficient military force in the Galactor syndicate. Except, of course, if you attack them on rollerskates.

On green goons:
They make good shields.

On Overlord X:
He's very sensitive about criticism. I'm very sensitive about being blasted with mind-warping rays. Our relationship in a nutshell.

On violence:
It's the most efficient form of communication.

On Communism:
One of the possible ways in which funds find their way to Galactor.

On capitalism:
One of the possible ways in which funds find their way to Galactor.

On monarchy:
One of the possible ways in which funds find their way to Galactor.

On democracy:
I am absolutely in favour of democracy, and after my inevitable victory, will institute a simplified version of the democratic system of Great Britain: the one-party system.

On religion:
It is very personally comforting to believe in an afterlife, with life expectancy being what it is in Galactor.

On the environment:
I brought it up with X, and he said not to worry about it...

On the future:
A golden age of peace, happiness, prosperity and total dedication to Galactor. (I didn't say happiness and prosperity for all, did I?)

On girls:

On boys:
Is this some attempt to determine my sex?

On sex:
If you want something done properly, you have to do it yourself.

On sex and violence:
Combining the two makes it harder to enjoy the violence.

On the USA:
What can I say about the country which produced the Rocky and Rambo films, and censored "Sailor Moon"?

On the rest of the world:
Mine! All mine!!!

On mutants:
I feel discriminated against by humanity.

Wait a minute, you mean other mutants? Kill those hideous monstrosities!

Closing thoughts:
Bwaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! *gasp* I think I just broke my personal record for longest villain's laugh.

Viva Galactor!

Note: all opinions extrapolated from the series, except where it concerns the British political system (how to vote Labour over Tory, and still get Tory), the stupid American Sailor Moon dub, and Operation Iraqi Freedom (originally "Operation Iraqi Liberty" but the acronym was too much of a giveaway).

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