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What they won't say while the game is running

Addle: "To h*** with right and wrong, I just want to kick some demon a$$."

Philyth: "Piss off, motherfucker."

Solude: "Let's par-TEE!"

Tim (to any demon visitor): "It's MY turn to sit on the couch, so SHOVE."

Nadhew: "How vulgar."

Sittra: "It's not how you look, it's what's inside that counts."

Claydle: "Can we have some light in here??"

Loki: "Oh no! I broke one of your beakers. Wait, let me clean up the mess. How much do I owe you?"

Lugh (to Liam): "You're precisely the kind of gullible dupe we need to keep the enemy occupied until we regroup."

Cifer: "So sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

Any of the elves, to Liam: "Bravo! You chose exactly the right herbs."

Phiele: "Why are these foreigners bothering us? Let them solve their own problems."

Night elf: "Loki! Always a pleasure to see you."

Worm: "I'm going, I'm going! Sheesh, you don't have to get violent."


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