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Worst fears

Liam: Offending one of his guests (Nadhew included) so badly that they'll never speak to him again.

Addle: Waking up with a hangover and not remembering anything from the night before. Or, worse yet, remembering everything.

Philyth: Tourette.

Solude: I dunno... Falling asleep while kneeling in the throne room?

Tim: Doing something - anything - that might get him told off. Like dropping a teacup. Or breathing.

Nadhew: Finding out he needs Viagra. And having Loki discover a packet of it in his mail.

Sittra: The first wrinkle. The first grey hair. The first open pore. Cellulite. Watching a baseball game with Nadhew.

Claydle: Being confined in one of those cells where the light is on 24 hours a day. Or being forced to watch episodes of the Teletubbies, the Care Bears and Barney. Then again, such monstrous torture might appeal to him.

Loki: Having to stay in Flaithis until he's learned some manners. (Or was that the worst fear of the collective population of Flaithis?)

Lugh: Running out of starch and metal polish.

Cifer: A very large magnet.

Elves: A bulldozer. (Emel's personal nightmare: Agent Orange.)

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