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Favourite foods

(Strictly conjecture, except for Nadhew...)

Liam: Likes most foods, but draws the line at reptiles.

Addle: Anything, as long as it's nourishing and wholesome.

Philyth: Candied rose petals.

Solude: Anything exotic, as roast swan with almonds and passion fruit nectar gets boring after a while.

Tim: Spinach. It's good for you, and full of vitamins and minerals. (Truth is, the stuff makes him gag.)

Nadhew: Reptiles.

Sittra: Caviar.

Claydle: Angel cake, made of real angels, very thinly sliced. When no angels are available, humans or Nadhew make an acceptable substitute.

Loki: Chocolate chip cookie dough. Wicked!

Lugh: Archangels do not eat. It detracts from their mystery and dignity.

Cifer: Whole roast boars and vats of mead.

Ruby: Pancakes and lemonade.

Sapphy: (Too shy to tell.)

Emel: Mutton stew and a jug of ale.

Amber: Ambrosia.

Dragon: Juicy little boys and crisp, crunchy heads of the Imperial Guard! Muahahahaha! Just kidding.

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