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What they won't say while they're on the air

Hige: "Why are we stopping to eat? We ate two days ago."

Kiba: "I'm sick of this. If we don't find paradise soon, I'm throwing in the sponge."

Tsume: "Focus on the positive things in life and the universe will take care of you."

Toboe: "Go away and leave me alone."

Cheza: "Mmmmm... Blue mink... I love mink."

Quent: "I just realized - wolves are afraid of fire. There's no way they would have started one."

Blue: "I see a huge scary wolf and it's coming at me! Somebody save me!"

Big walrus: "Visitors! I love visitors. May I show you around?"

Jagara, to Darcia: "Not if you were the last man on earth."

Hubb: "Cher who?"

Cher: "Let's forget about this Cheza business and settle down and have a baby."

Leara: "I get it now - you're a wolf! That's so totally adorable."

Darcia: "Now that Harmona's dead, I can stay at the pub all night, every night! Yay!"

Scentless owl: "You'll find a lake at the exit of the forest, about two hundred yards from here, at the following coordinates - wait, I'll draw you a map."

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