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This one is based on the "do you have what it takes to adopt a Siberian Husky" sort of questionnaire, which, incidentally, is remarkably similar to the "could you take care of a wolfdog" type of checklist. The scenario: deserted by an irresponsible owner and/or blasted by Darcia's death rays, five wounded strays are taken to an animal care centre and nursed back to health. The carers then set about finding new homes for them, drawing up a set of questions for each one to make sure that prospective owners won't take in the animal that just isn't right for them.


Forget it.


If pet antics only amuse you, prepare for ongoing entertainment with this eternally good-tempered bundle of fluff, who in addition should shed enough undercoat to knit a pile of sweaters and stuff a mattress. Be sure, though, to replace the collar with one that won't give him headaches later on.


If all this leaves you unfazed, and you don't mind an animal that keeps its own hours, you'll find this one to be remarkably low-maintenance. Although invariably gruff and bad-tempered, it may, if it takes a like to you, show its affection by rescuing you from hostile characters, awkward situations, fatal falls off slippery structures, gun-toting maniacs, killer robots, imprisonment and bug attacks.


If you're willing to sit out the ride of a cub learning about life through making every mistake imaginable, then this lovable bundle of joy will feel right at home with you. The inexperience will disappear with the years, but the warm heart will stay. Not only that, but you'll be the proud owner of the only known wolf to have a working knowledge of herbal remedies.


You don't deserve so much as a pet cockroach, but Blue knows no better. Loyal, courageous and possessed of a strong work ethic, she'll be happy to get mauled for your sake. Don't worry about taking care of this one - she'll take care of you.

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