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Toboe's guide to survival

Let the crows have the contents of the rubbish bin. After all, they were there first.

If the attempt to get friendly with a human through assuming a human appearance should horribly fail, just change back to a wolf. Don't forget to howl.

Faced with a murderous human pointing a gun, freeze on the spot.

Should one of your travelling companions separate from the others, follow him into a derelict military base and unerringly locate and step on the button that activates a deadly killer robot. Then stand in full view and make noise.

In a town with hostile inhabitants where your companions, on being questioned, diplomatically reply that they're only passing through, blare out: "We're going to paradise!!" That should make the locals warm to you.

Don't avoid the friendly natives, especially when a human commando has just tried to off their dogs and they're still sufficiently freaked out to mistake a little boy for one of Jagara's armoured killers.

Preferably before doing any of the above, latch onto a gruff old veteran who's always saying he doesn't care if you live or die. If he runs off, bring him back.

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