Created: 15-01-2022
Last update: 15-01-2022


DOS Page links

    The WayBack Machine archive of just before it shut down in 2013. You can actually download software (from an old mirror site?) through its links.

  2. Index of /mirror/archive/
    Click on "pub", then scroll down to "simtelnet" for a mirror with working download links.

  3. Simtel 20 MS-DOS Archive CD-ROM
    Here is information on an old Simtel CD-ROM from 1992; you can download its ISO file. The Internet Archive Software Collection is a general repository of old software.

  4. The archived Garbo PC Software Collection
    A university DOS software archive that, when the server failed in 2012, was collected in one gigabyte-sized zipfile and put up for download. The collection is also available on CD-ROM.

  5. Microsoft Wiki - MS-DOS
    The history of MS-DOS, its versions, the different names it went under and th names of its competitors, its limitations and links to other sites, which may be dead.

  6. Network Encyclopedia - MS-DOS
    A much shorter summary of the history and versions of MS-DOS.

  7. WinWorld - MS-DOS
    All MS-DOS versions for download, starting with the oldest, with release notes. For educational purposes.

  8. Computer hope - what is MS-DOS?
    An introduction to MS-DOS on a computer help site, with links to related concepts and, more importantly, a reference page for all commands that can be used on the Microsoft DOS and Windows command line.

  9. Lifewire has a Complete List of MS-DOS Commands.

  10. Doctor DOS Betamax Presents: THE DOS OPERATING SYSTEM
    Information for how to get hands-on with MS-DOS. Of particular interest, despite its warning of many dead links: the DOS websites Directory, which includes software links.

  11. The Dos Page
    Coincidentally named like mine and also with the same function: reviewing software for DOS (and other OSes). But, unlike mine, a download site. Links may be dead.

  12. Free Software for DOS
    An almost-all-text site, reviews/downloads of free (for personal use) software. Links may be dead; scroll up the page for the latest updates and how to try and find missing downloads.

  13. The Software Library: MS-DOS
    On the same site that has the Simtel 20 MS-DOS Archive and Garbo PC Software Collection CD-ROMs: old DOS programs from shareware CD-ROMs and other sources, most of them games that can be played in a browser using DOSBox, some downloadable applications that I recognize like Calmira, WordPerfect and the earliest version I know of Paint Shop Pro.

  14. MS-DOS Games Online - Play DOS Games In Your Browser
    Old to very old games from the era of MS-DOS and VGA, playable in a browser via DOSBox.

  15. Abandonia: a storehouse for old games, many for DOS, some freeware, most abandonware. Games are downloadable if abandonware, and sold via otherwise. Each game is described in detail, and may come with extra resources such as maps and guides. A great site for those who missed the computer game boom in the eighties and nineties, or who want to relive it.

  16. Download free games on DOS Games Archive
    To quote the site's intro: "It's amazing how far computer games have progressed. But have you ever felt the urge to take a trip back in time and relive the games of the eighties and nineties? Well now you can! We have 1,128 DOS games in our archive that can be downloaded for free. The games are shareware, freeware, playable demos and full versions that are released as freeware or into the public domain."

  17. Creating DOS Batch Files
    The DOS batch file section of a general programming/scripting languages site, listing batch file syntax.

  18. Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages
    All about scripts, including batch files, for many operating systems.

  19. The MS-DOS FAQ to answer all your MS-DOS questions. The main page links to QBasic and MS-DOS info and tutorials. In German only.

  20. The FreeDOS Project
    Home of FreeDOS, a still actively developed freeware operating system that is intended to run any software written for MS-DOS.