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SeeAll: Description

Program Title: SeeAll
Version: 3?

Unfortunately no screen captures for this program, as it needed a full DOS window under Win3xx and W9xx, meaning I couldn't use the PrtScr key, and Screen Thief for DOS caused it to crash on account of a protection error.


This upload includes release history, registration info, and an evaluation file.


SEA Graphics Viewer / Multimedia Player for DOS Version Information: SEA3.ZIP, 704K, V1.34, 05/12/97

SEA3.ZIP contains the following files:

SEA.EXE [Executable]
DOS4GW.EXE [DOS Extender]
SEA.DAT [Datafile]
SEA.DOC [SEA Manual]
REGISTER.FRM [Registration Form]
SEA.ICO [Icon file]
FARSY40.GIF [Sample file]

# # # #

SEA Graphics Viewer / Multimedia Player for DOS, displays supported graphic file formats faster than ANY other viewer! SEA also offers file edits and conversions between all supported formats and all available colordepths. Need to view different resolutions? SEA does resolution switching while viewing (no reloading).

As a Multimedia Player, SEA plays AVI, FLI, and FLC files in all resolutions with a Preview in Window.

Graphical User Interface supports mouse usage, helpful for mouse-panning through large images. Use SEA's slideshow option (with user-definable delay) or the catalog option to create index images.

With SEA's power and ease of use, it's amazing the range of hardware platforms it can run on (from a 386/4MB up) and that it really is running in DOS. It's an ideal corporate (mixed platform) tool, or the home-use / hobbiest companion, or power needed by a Bulletin Board Operator / SYSOP running in DOS.

SEA supported graphic file types:
SEA also supports AVI, FLI, FLC, WAV and VOC Multimedia files

# # # #


Faster displaying of support graphic file formats when compared to ANY other viewer!

File conversion between all of supported graphic file formats and all available colordepths.

Slideshow option with user-definable delay.

Catalog option to create index images.

Mouse panning through large pictures.

FLI, FLC and AVI player in all resolutions.

FLI/FLC/AVI Preview in window.

Plays VOC and WAV files.

Full color preview in interface (in 256 colors or hicolor mode).

Extremely fast color JPEG preview.

User-definable JPEG Quality [1 to 100%] for writing JPEG files.

Resolution switching while viewing, no reloading.

Auto scale (option), Grayscale (option), Auto resolution (option).

Image manipulation, e.g. resample, invert, smoothen, blur, etc.

A Graphical User Interface (Mouse/Keyboard).

Detects all available VESA modes.

Interface resolution 800x600 or 640x480

Floyd Steinberg / Ordered / Error diffusion dithering (option).

Fully operational shareware version.

Commandline conversion.

Note: SEA ~can~ be used as a commandline file conversion utility, even under Windows NT or OS/2!

# # # #


SEA Graphics Viewer / Multimedia Player for DOS needs only 1.5MB of free disk space; runs with 386 (and higher) processors, 4MB (and higher) RAM, a VESA-compatible 1MB VGAcard and an optional mouse.

To play sound, a Soundblaster-compatible soundcard is needed. SEA will only play sound under plain DOS.

SEA runs under DOS, but can be run from within Windows 3.x and Windows 95. SEA will not run under OS/2 (Warp) or Windows NT.

VESA 2.0 is highly recommended for systems with a PCI graphics card. (PCI owners can benefit from a dramatic speed increase by using VESA 2.0.)

The larger the graphic file(s) to be displayed, the greater the amount of recommended RAM.

# # # #


SEA is $29.95 and is available from:

our 1-800-377-4686 line
(8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., M-F, CST);

by fax 1-800-344-4676;

our website at; or

at several CompuServe and AOL sites, including
our CompuServe forum -- GO PHOTODEX.

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