Created: around 09-07-2001
Last update: around 09-07-2001
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1) color cycling

color cycling is a very useful thing!
It doesn't have to be used just for colors, it can be used to cycle through objects, too.
Most often it is used to change hairstyles but I also use it frequently for cycling through different colored versions of the same clothing item, so that you can store clothing more easily, and I'm sure you can think of many other ways to use it!

let's say you have three hairstyles.
they are hair1.cel, hair2.cel, and hair3.cel

in your FKiSS:

after the @initialize(), put this:


after the @begin(), put this:

;@press("hair1.cel") unmap("hair1.cel") map("hair2.cel")
;@press("hair2.cel") unmap("hair2.cel") map("hair3.cel")
;@press("hair3.cel") unmap("hair3.cel") map("hair1.cel")

now when you open the doll, only hair1.cel will be visible. then clicking on it will make hair2.cel appear. clicking on hair2.cel will make hair3.cel appear, and clicking on hair3.cel will go back to hair1.cel

you can add lots more .cels, as long as you remember to unmap all but the first one in the @initialize() sections, and remember to make pressing on the last one map the first one back again!

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