Created: around 09-07-2001
Last update: 15-07-2021

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(F)KiSS howto's

These are a number of explanations/tutorials, ranging from simple to complicated, on how to achieve certain effects, mostly through FKiSS. Two of these were written by tea, who also hosted some of mine at her domain,, until it disappeared. Beginner tutorials 3 to 8 were formatted to resemble her style, but as of 10-07-2021, they have been reformatted and rewritten where necessary, tutorials 6 and 8 have been expanded, and for each tutorial, the FKiSS version(s) involved - there may be solutions, remarks and/or examples for different versions - have been specified. (The standards, defined in UltraKiSS, of FKiSS5, FKiSS5 Extensions and UltraKiSS Extensions have been bundled into "UKiSS".)

Note: terms like "beginner" and "advanced" are of course relative; the "beginner" tutorials on my page were the "advanced" one's on tea's, not because she knows less about FKiSS (she's made some very technically innovative dolls) but because she wrote them to help beginning artists.
Empty, until I've written the "How to make a slide puzzle" tutorial.

See also How I made jigsaw puzzles to play on the computer, most of which is about making a KiSS jigsaw puzzle set for FKiSS versions 1 to 4.

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