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(F)KiSS howto's

These are a number of explanations/tutorials, ranging from simple to very complicated, on how to achieve certain effects, mostly through FKiSS. Most of these are mine; the first two are tea's, because I originally wrote the shorter howto's for her advanced tutorials as a continuation of her own, and so refer back to them. This list of howto's isn't meant to mirror hers, though; I'm only putting them up here as well as sending them to her because they include little illustrations and example sets, which aren't all up at her page. Whatever other short howto's I write, I'll also submit to her; any advanced (and I do mean really technical) howto's I'll put up on this page only.

Note: terms like "beginners" and "advanced" are of course relative; the "beginner" tutorials on my page are the "advanced" one's on tea's, not because she knows less about FKiSS (she's made some very technically innovative dolls) but because she wrote them to help beginning artists.
Empty, until I've written the "How to make a slide puzzle" tutorial.

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