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BOTP extras

President Kane (head)
Last uploaded: 20-09-2004

The head of President Kane (a suitable body is contained in the game itself).

Captain Cronos
Last uploaded: 15-07-2007

Captain of the Red Rangers and Mark's father, in civvies.

Chief Anderson
Last uploaded: 21-01-2005

Head of security and mentor of G-Force.

The Harpers
Last uploaded: 12-04-2008

Tiny's family. These characters require the MSUM and CBL body type defaults (see the male and child custom body type page).

The Wades (headskins)
Last uploaded: 27-06-2004

Head textures for Don and Ma Wade (standard Maxis skins with recoloured hair).

The Harpers (std)
Last uploaded: 12-04-2008

Same as before, but with standard body meshes.

Just a zipfile of head skins: A proper graphic will be made as soon as the bodies are finished.

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