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Skins and meshes

The skins/meshes for download are mostly of anime characters, and many use custom body types. To keep filesize down, in the case of skins that need to be duplicated for the sake of naming conventions, I've provided only one skin file, and put instructions for copying it in the "readme.txt" file included with each archive. If you download anything from this page, do read this file, preferably before tossing everything into the skins directory; it may save a lot of trouble. I've tried to be Mac-friendly by keeping mesh names short whenever possible, but won't be putting up .sit archives, as modern Mac decompression utilities can also handle zipfiles. Any mesh names too long for the Mac (31 characters) should preferably be shrunk with Namer.

"Character" files:

Custom body files:

These are the file sets for use with custom body type meshes (ie. with any body type other than CHD/FAT/FIT/SKN) without which the game may crash. The nude/swimwear files are always needed; pyamas and formals come in pre-HD form (for the Sims, LL and HP) or HD form for later expansion packs, including all "Deluxe" combinations; winter wear is only needed for Vacation, and high-fashion for SS. Whatever custom file sets are needed should be installed before a Sim using that particular custom body type is created or loaded. In the case of downloaded families containing Sims with custom body types, that means putting the files where they belong before starting the game and importing that family.

The nude meshes come with a B300 CMX file as well as a "nude" CMX file, so that, in combination with B300 skins, they can be used for normal outfits.

I used to provide a copyskin.bat for buyable wear that has to be copied to the new body type, but since having so many texture files in the buyable skins directory was annoying and I'd also found out how to make BMFs from SKNs, I've made FARs including all buyable files needed, including renamed textures. This should make Mac owners happy as it also solves the long filename problem. It does however hugely swell the zipfile size.

The SUM body type was created by Jerome, whose site also has (pre-HD) custom SUM dress style files. Those are slightly different from mine, however, as I've further modified the feet, and will attach the custom hands to the character's head instead of the body, so my sets don't include hands. In the game, it doesn't really make a difference which ones are used.

Most of these meshes were created from standard meshes using warpfiles. These warpfiles can be used to make custom versions of any extra fan-created buyables.

Further customization:

This section is about any other way of enhancing the standard skin system.

Fixed meshes:

DownloadContainsLast uploadedInfoPix Replacements for the skinny F/M nude/swimsuit defaults, with flat hips for the male body and a bust for the female body. Needed in both HD and pre-HD installations. 30-08-2004 These overwrite the B300 meshes, if present. Make backups if you want to keep the originals. The old and new skinny bodies compared. Replacements for HD skinny defaults and skinny male buyables: all swimsuits, and two lingerie meshes, one of which has had its chest vertices reassigned. 30-08-2004 These overwrite a number of standard Maxis buyable meshes. Make backups if you want to keep the originals. One of the buyables, before and after. The B325/F100 mesh, unchanged in shape, but with a nasty texture map irregularity on one shoulder fixed. No more asymmetric gowns! 03-12-2006 The game only offers B325FaFit, but as the B325 mesh is the same as the F100 mesh, which comes in three sizes, I've done some copying and renaming so that female Sims of all sizes can wear the "blue fractals" gown. A closeup of the fit formal chest, before and after texture map adjustment. The L403 meshes, with less cramped-looking shoulders and, since last update, reassigned bust vertices. 01-04-2008 These overwrite a number of standard Maxis buyable meshes. Make backups if you want to keep the originals. A closeup of the L403FAFit shoulders, before and after changing the shoulder shape. The S403 meshes, with reassigned bust vertices. 01-04-2008 These overwrite a number of standard Maxis buyable meshes. Make backups if you want to keep the originals. See the S404MAFit example. The male Fat/Fit S404 and S406 meshes, with reassigned bust vertices and a shoulder problem fixed. 01-04-2008 These overwrite a number of standard Maxis buyable meshes. Make backups if you want to keep the originals. Check out the S404MAFit mesh before and after, and the old and new shoulders on S406MAFat.

Fixed meshes for the Extended Animehood:

These are not mine, but belong to Andria Dinan (Solace of Sims, see the links). The only way to contact her is through an email form, and either it didn't work, or she didn't respond, or I never got her reply. (By now the website seems permanently down too.) The reason I'm putting up these fixed versions is that one of the two, the JunJun head, crashed the game when running The Sims Unleashed and the other one, the Moonlight Knight head, is missing a bit, so that when he's not wearing his headdress, I can see his neck through the back of his head, which looks silly. These downloads are useless without the original download from the maker. If she mails me to say she has fixed versions on her own site, I'll take these down.

Download fixed MLK head here.
Download fixed JunJun head for Unleashed here (updated 01-04-2008).

Pics of new JunJun fix (only necessary for HD and higher):
The "sticks" now show up with the costume, not the head.

So JunJun loses them when she switches to nightwear or anything other than "normal" clothes, but at least she still has them as long as she wears her outfit.

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