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Sim links

A list of links that I've found useful, mainly geared at object-hacking, and very far from comprehensive; I just noted the names of sites I saw and liked. The official Sims site is not on this list, as its URL is included with the game documentation, but it too offers (links to) programs, tutorials and downloads.

Update october 2010: idly clicking links to see what was still up, I found that not only were most of them dead, but some dead ones now pointed to porn sites. Not everyone likes to suddenly stare at rows of human backsides, so a pruning is in order. To preserve some of the former glory of these deceased sites, I won't remove their entry, but simply take out the link and add "DEAD".

For those who absolutely need it, I have burned to CD both the downloads from dead sites needed for my houses and the following utilities from dead sites: Transmogrifier (and version 2), Skin Doctor, Codex, IffPencil 2, ObjectId and Scriptstation, and Namer for the Mac. However, I don't have the creators' permission to distribute these files, or reliable contact info for that matter.


Mostly objects:

Mostly skins:


I've removed the links to game sites with Sims FAQs and patches, because they were all dead; these sites tend to shift their files around. To find either, try a Google search.

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