Purpose of this page

This page is for (mostly anime-related) Sims skins, neighbourhoods and hacked objects.

As with the Sims Support Page, this page was made to support theme pages and will be updated rarely, if at all.


Essential Hacks
Hacked objects to replace the defaults and make the game more rewarding.

Houses with anime characters, some still unskinned: to indulge my addiction, I started building houses and creating fill-in characters, planning to give them their proper appearance as I found time.

Skins and meshes
On this page so far: G-Force/Gatchaman, some Sailor Moon and Agent AIKa characters, improved standard meshes and all custom body mesh sets.

Custom objects
The occasional home-made (fan) object.

Available meshes
Extra meshes that skinners might find a use for.

Stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere. So far, a QuickBasic file to code wallpaper sprites and another one to change SKN files to BMFs.