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Available meshes

This page is for meshes that other skinners might find a use for, so they don't have to waste the time and go through the frustrations of making their own and finding mesh codes that are still unused and unique. Most of them are by-products of my efforts to skin anime characters, and part of a system to use mesh codes as economically as possible. They can be used without asking me, under the conditions explained below. Although I've made the newbie's mistake of editing another fan's mesh in the past, these meshes are either derived from Maxis material or completely my own.

The mesh codes I use are "AS" (anime-Sailor Moon), "AG" (anime-Gatchaman) and "AK" (two anime series which start with A but have a K in there somewhere), prefixed by a B or C and followed by a number or letter. I'm fairly sure they are unique, as I've reported them to the two master mesh lists I know, but not everyone speaks English and/or knows these lists, so there is an extremely small chance they might overwrite other meshes using the same code.

The meshes are referred to by mesh code (B or C plus 3 numbers/letters) followed by sex, age and body type when applicable, so "B001FA" means any Adult Female mesh with code B001, "B001FAFat" specifically means the Fat Adult Female B001 mesh (where "Fat" shouldn't be taken too literally) and "B002UCChd" means the universal child B002 mesh ("child" is a body type as well as age, and both sexes have the same basic body). For more on mesh and skin naming conventions, see the Sims Support Page. In defiance of the Maxis habit of making body meshes for one body type only - usually "Fit" - I've tried to make a version for each standard body type, as well as some custom body types; generally SUM, ATN and ATL (see the What's what body type list for descriptions). More versions can be made using the warpfiles.

As I'm trying to keep down the number of mesh codes used and mesh files to load, please don't rename the mesh files. They are connected with skins via the CMX file, so to use, say, the BAS0FAfit mesh with a character whose skin name is "B00ZFAfitdrk_sorceress.bmp", simply rename the CMX referring to the BAS0FAFit mesh to "B00ZFAfit_01.cmx" (don't forget to rename it internally). The game doesn't insist that the mesh code is consistent with the CMX code, so a CMX can point to a mesh with a different code, although funny things can happen when two or more CMX files are used for the same trick.

Not all meshes I've made are listed. Some, like Jun's famous "hooks" hair or Jinpei's head, are not generic enough to be reusable. Some, like the Shitennou uniforms, were just too hideous. They serve their purpose in the game, but they were a nightmare to skin and I wouldn't inflict them on anyone else.

Body meshes

Head meshes

Accessory meshes


Load these in Bodywarp to create custom body versions of standard meshes.

The conditions explained:
The few meshes I've made are nothing special, but very possibly one of them may be the model a skinner out there is looking for, and why make a new mesh when there's a suitable one already available? So, just in case, every Sim skin download contains a file "readme.txt" with a disclaimer and conditions for use of the meshes. The conditions were written out because people's artistic creations tend to get abused, both in the Sims fandom and elsewhere; skin makers who simply want to create content for their own game can ignore them. Hopefully, this is the final version of the text, but it may be altered in the future if unforeseen problems arise. I hope the conditions are clear, but will explain each one below to avoid all misunderstanding.

These files are being made available for fans to use in their own installed Sims games. I don't mind the files being distributed among friends, or skinners using/editing the meshes for their own skins and including them in the download, under these conditions:

No files from this archive may be put up for download on websites without my permission, except for (edited versions of) the meshes, provided the source is credited.

Practically speaking: you may email these meshes to people. You may make skins for them and email the skins and meshes together. You may put up the skins on a webpage with these meshes or a link to the page where the meshes can be found. You may put up for download families using these meshes and include them or link to where they can be found. You may NOT put only the meshes on your website claiming or suggesting you made them. If you edit these meshes (not recommended, as they're already edited off Maxis meshes and every time a mesh is edited, its quality degrades - but feel free to try) then you can treat them as your own, provided credit is given.

I don't mind mesh repositories like Jack Wolfsim putting up the meshes, because they are making meshes available to skinners, not pretending to own them. I would appreciate being asked first, though.

No money may be charged for any files in this archive.

It happens that people surf together a lot of Sim material, burn it to CD, and sell it. Such CDs may look like legitimate "extras for your Sims" releases, but there is nothing on the CD or sleeve to indicate who the maker is, and the CDs I bought contained material that I later saw on a rabidly anti-piracy site, which pretty much proved they'd been distributed without permission. There is nothing wrong with file distribution on CDs, which saves bandwidth, or asking money for downloads to cover bandwidth costs, but in this case some anonymous person was making money off other people's efforts.

The meshes may not be used to promote commercial or ideological interests; I won't be made accomplice to someone else's lobbying.

When I was still into KiSS ("paper dolls for your computer"), one KiSS artist made available a template of a "super-deformed" doll (anime term which basically means hyper-cute). It was beyond cute, a visual joke. Another KiSS artist with clearly no sense of humour used it to support a pro-America campaign. The maker was furious, but apparently should have foreseen it and included a warning against using her creations for such purposes. (Because, apparently, all this KiSS activity was just a cover for one big "let's mould people through Art" operation.) There are some twisted fans around. I've also seen that anime dolls are sold as "sex games" on porn sites, entirely without the makers' permission or knowledge, but that falls under the second condition.

This archive may only be distributed in complete, unaltered form.

This doesn't apply to individual meshes being used to make new skins, but to mesh/skin downloads distributed as a package. The average computer user who just about knows where the "On" button is, does not need the headache of trying to discover why a skin won't show in the game or why the game quits during load every time. And it's hard for me to pinpoint and solve problems that I didn't cause, even if the problem file looks as if it came from me. So, please, if you want to "tweak" any downloads of mine, keep them on your own machine and don't circulate them as if they were the originals.

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