Created: 22-02-2004
Last update: 21-03-2004

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Old Photos

The Netherlands, urban areas

What follows is my worm's eye view of a number of places where I've had to stay for one reason or another, photographed to show some non-Dutch people at least that part of the country with which I was familiar. Most of these places I didn't like, although some I hated more than others; I don't "love my country" in any sense of the word, and those who do, or who can't stand nasty things being said about places, or who simply don't want to waste eye time on lowland ugliness: go elsewhere, maybe the pretty snippings will amuse you. To the others: abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

Remarks on photograph quality; now I understand the attraction of digital cameras. Any photographs referred to on this page have been made with an old non-digital camera and scanned in, so, yes, there is the occasional tiny white edge when the photo was lying at a slight angle. It took me hours, days and weeks to get them scanned, so I'm not redoing them. Ditto photographs with ugly specks or fingers waggling in front of the lens or taken from strange angles; I'm not going back to wherever they were taken for a second try. Many photos were taken from a bus or train and may show (backs of) heads of other passengers; it is illegal to put up without consent photographs containing recognizable pictures of other people, but I don't think those qualify as such, and haven't used any that do. The exception being Leiden pic 10, which was too good not to use and of which the subject was involved in a fair bit of illegal activity himself - for one thing, stealing and extorting money from various people including myself - so I couldn't care less. Finally, the scans are darkish on a PC, but at least they don't look washed out on Macs, whose screens pale colours down a bit.

(Incidentally, that doesn't apply to the photos added on 21st March, which were taken with a digital camera. Apologies to Mac-users.)

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