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CompuShow 2000: Description and screen captures

Program Title: CompuShow 2000!
Version: 1.04a

CompuShow 2000! is a graphics display program for CompuServe GIF, CompuServe RLE, MacPaint, PC Paint/Pictor, PC Paintbrush, Dr. Halo, Ega Paint, ColoRix, Targa, IFF/LBM/HAM, Windows Paint BMP, TIFF, GEM/Ventura IMG and JPEG (JFIF) graphics images. It supports Hercules, CGA, PCjr/Tandy-1000, EGA, "Super-EGA", MCGA, VGA, XGA, IBM Professional Graphics Controller and 8514/A adapters. Super-VGA support includes all adapters with VESA BIOS Extensions plus AcuMos, Ahead Systems, ATI, Chips & Technologies, Compaq, DGIS, Everex, Genoa, NCR, Oak Technologies, Paradise, STB, Tseng Labs, TIGA, Trident and Video7. "Hi-color" (32k and 64k colors) and "true-color" (16m colors) display modes are supported on all adapters with version 1.2 VESA BIOS Extensions plus ATI, Compaq, Diamond, XGA, STB Ergo and Tseng Labs. CompuShow 2000! also provides 16 color graphics displays on a CGA, PCjr/Tandy, Amstrad PC1512, AT&T 6300, Cirrus, Hercules InColor, Plantronics, and Tandy 1000SL/TL. The program automatically selects the best display mode, or you may display in any mode available on your graphics adapter. Images larger than the screen may be panned vertically and horizontally. If enough EMS or XMS memory is available, pan images as large as 3000x3000x256. Colors may be adjusted on EGA, MCGA, and VGA systems, and the adjusted palette saved to disk.

CompuShow 2000! is a DOS program with a desktop design, pull-down menus, clickable status bar, context-sensitive help and moveable, resizeable, overlapping windows. Open up to nine windows on different drives and directories at the same time and drag-and-drop files from one window to another to copy or move them. Tag files in multiple windows (in different directories, even different disk drives) to display in a timed "show". Include all files with the familiar "*.*" file mask, or by a list of specifications such as "*.gif;*.bmp;*.pcx;*.jpg". Sort by name, extension, size, or date, forward or backward. Display in UPPERCASE or lowercase. Turn on or off display of file size, date, or time.

All setup functions and program documentation are instantly available from inside the program, or you can print the documentation on your printer with complete control of page width, length and margins.

Program Limitations: The registered version prints graphics on monochrome and color dot matrix and laser printers, includes a scripted slide show capability and screen color setup.

Usage: Graphics display and file management

Special Requirements: Graphics adapter and monitor

How to Start: 2SHOWA (press enter) to install, then 2SHOW (press enter)

Registration: $33.00

Click here for a basic screen shot showing one window, and here to see the DOS-editor-type file handling menu.

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