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CompuShow: Description and screen captures

Program Title: CompuShow
Version: 8.75a

CompuShow is a graphics display program for CompuServe GIF (version "87a" and "89a"), RLE, MacPaint, PC Paint/Pictor, PC Paintbrush, Dr. Halo, Ega Paint, ColoRix, Targa, IFF/LBM/HAM, Windows Paint BMP, TIFF, GEM/Ventura IMG and JPEG (JFIF) graphics images. It supports Hercules, CGA, PCjr/Tandy-1000, EGA, "Super-EGA", MCGA, VGA, XGA, IBM Professional Graphics Controller and 8514/A adapters. Super-VGA support includes Ahead Systems, ATI, AcuMos, Chips & Technologies, Compaq, DGIS, Everex, Genoa, NCR, Oak Technologies, Paradise, STB, Tseng Labs, TIGA, Trident, Video7 and VESA VBE adapters and full color graphics on "Hi-Color" cards including ATI, Compaq, Diamond, XGA, STB Ergo, Tseng Labs and VESA (version 1.2). CompuShow also provides 16 color graphics displays on a CGA, PCjr/Tandy, Amstrad PC1512, AT&T 6300, Cirrus, Hercules InColor, Plantronics, and Tandy 1000SL/TL. Files are selected for display from an on-screen file directory sorted by name, extension, size or date, in ascending or descending sequence. Move around the file directory using cursor arrow keys or a microsoft-compatible mouse. Select from eight smooth-motion mouse cursor shapes or the hardware mouse cursor. Log to a different disk drive, change sub-directories, rename, delete, copy and move files. The program automatically selects the best display mode, or you may display in any mode available on your graphics adapter. Images larger than the screen may be panned vertically and horizontally. If EMS or XMS memory is available, pan images as large as 1280x1024x256. Colors may be adjusted on EGA, MCGA, and VGA systems, and the adjusted palette saved to disk.

Program Limitations: The registered version prints graphics on monochrome and color dot matrix and laser printers and includes an automatic Slide Show and configuration program.

Usage: Graphics display

Special Requirements: Graphics adapter and monitor

How to Start: CSHOWA (press enter) to install, then CSHOW (press enter)

Registration: $25.00

Click here for a basic screen shot, here for that annoying "select-a-display" screen, and here to see a help screen.

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