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GDView: Description and screen captures

Program Title: GD View
Version: 0.92


GD View V0.92 for MS DOS: *the* viewer and player for 400+ formats
Texts: ANSI, DOS, Unicode, Mac, EBCDIC, and 200+ MORE w/ HEX/DEC/BIN/OCT modes!
Documents: Word, WinWord, WordPerfect, WordStar, Write, Ami Pro, RTF, etc.
Graphics: TIFF, GIF, JPEG, FLIC, PCD, PCX, IFF, TGA, DIB, RIX, MSP, MAC, ART, PNM, RAS, XBM, PIC, FNT, PAL, CUT, RAW, SGI, IMG, DCX etc. (over 60 formats)
Sounds: WAV, VOC, 8SVX, SND, AU, AVR ST, Psion WVE, CMF, raw (SAM/SMP/etc.)!
Terminal codes: ANSi, PCB, BIN, etc.
Databases: dBase, SDF, FoxBase, etc.!
File archives: ZIP, ARJ, LZH, ARC, TAR, RAR, ZOO, LBR, PAK and MORE incl. SFXs!
FILE INFORMATION: recognizes 5000+ (!) extentions, shows file descriptions
AND: Directory viewer, System Info, Audio CD Player, CBM Basic decompiler!

No price quoted; REGISTER.TXT contains an URL where you can register and, presumably, get pricing info. (The URL still exists, but I saw nothing about GDView last time I looked.)

Below is the little window displayed when playing a soundfile; click here for the main screen and options dialog.

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