Created: 01-10-1999
Last update: 15-01-2022


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Name/version: SPLITfile 1.1


Screenshots: NA

Price: freeware


Excerpt from "SPLIT.DOC":

IV. How to use SPLIT.

IV.1. Syntax:

  split in_file size1 [size2 [size3...]] out_file1 out_file2 [out_file3 [...]]
In_file is the name of the file that you want to split. Size1, size2 and all
the following sizes are the sizes of the first part, second part, and etc.
Out_file1, out_file2, etc. are the filenames for each part.

IV.2. Notes.

Please note that there must be always be 1 more out_file's than sizes. The last
out_file consists of whatever is left of the in_file. Also, make sure that all
the sizes are positive integers, and their sum is less than the in_file's size.
The in_file has to exist, and out_files have to be legal non-used file (in the
current directory) names. The maximum number of out_files is 20 (I don't think
you'd need more), and, obviously, maximum number of sizes is 19.

Both programs do use DOS's errorlevels for output. The return values are:

0=No error

1=Not enough or too many arguments

2=Unable to open one (or more) of the files

3=The sum of sizes of output files is greater than the size of the input file.
(errorlevel 3 is not used in UNSPLIT, only in SPLIT)

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