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WKiSS (version 0.68) by F.K
(wkiss068.lzh, English version: wkiss69e.exe)

WKiSS requires the library file LHA.DLL and is quite modest in its requirements, running on any PC that will run Windows 3.x; its FKiSS implementation is far from perfect, though, and it can't handle transparency. It can be found in F.K's Library; the English version, and a set of English helpfiles, is up under the KiSS programs section of KiSSXpress. (The older version 0.65, for anyone who wants it, can be found by searching for

Archive support: external
FKiSS: 1 (not 1b)
CKiSS: no
Enhanced palette: no
Bugs and idiosyncrasies:

- Carries out actions put directly under EventHandler. Since unrecognized events are generally skipped and their actions added to the event above, this means that it also carries out the actions of unrecognized events put directly under EventHandler, before initialize().
- Doesn't recognize never(), so unfamiliar commands should be put under a dummy alarm instead.
- Doesn't trigger release() unless the cel/object is dragged (or, in the case of a fixed cel, tugged).
- Won't allow alarms longer than 65535 milliseconds. Any longer interval has to be split up among two or more alarms which call each other.
- In version 0.65, timer(n, 0) will fire the alarm instantly, rather than stopping the timer; to stop it, use timer(n, 32767) (but version 0.65 is hardly used these days). Version 0.68 doesn't have this bug, but does have problems with large numbers of alarms.
- When an event is applied to both an object and a cel of that object, the event for the cel of that object may be ignored. (For instance, a press() event for object #1 and cel 1.cel in object #1; the actions under ;@press(1.cel) are not carried out.)
- There is a limit to the cnf size and number of cels. If this size is exceeded, the viewer simply displays as many cels as it can, without positioning them (ie. they're all up in the left-hand corner).
- Not a bug, but non-standard; the viewer has a default palette which it applies to any cels that need a kcf but haven't been assigned one. (This is a different palette to that in WKiSSC.)

Click here for a screenshot.

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