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An improved version of WKiSS, which does handle transparency. It has hung my computer a few times after I clicked on "About" in the menu, but I've heard it is entirely stable under OS/2 Warp. It also needs LHA.DLL. Found in the Library.

Archive support: external
FKiSS: 1b
CKiSS: no
Enhanced palette: no
Bugs and idiosyncrasies:

- Doesn't trigger release() unless the cel/object is dragged (or, in the case of a fixed cel, tugged).
- Won't allow alarms longer than 65535 milliseconds. Any longer interval has to be split up among two or more alarms which call each other.
- Not a bug, but non-standard; the viewer has a default palette which it applies to any cels that need a kcf but haven't been assigned one. (This is a different palette to that in WKiSSC.)

No screenshot: it looks exactly like WKiSS (see previous).

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