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KiSS viewers per OS

These are the viewers I've come across on the web, with links to either their location or, if they're on one of the pages in the KiSS links, to said links list. I've skipped the truly old and/or exotic ones, but this list is fairly complete.

Viewer howtos

Note: still largely under construction. I put these in to get the main framework done.

The explanations under this section are very simplistic, and intended for first-time KiSS fans who downloaded a set and an archived viewer, and don't know what to do next. (We've all been there. At least I have.) They're rather PC-centric, so anyone who wants to contribute howtos for other systems/OS's, see the bottom of this page for the address to mail to.

A few words on the "Bugs and idiosyncrasies" sections

These sections list not only bugs, but also behaviour which, although not exactly a bug, is certainly unstandard. They were written, not to criticize viewer programmers, but rather to allow KiSS artists to write workarounds and code sets that will work in any viewer, or, if that can't be done, at least know what set will work in which viewer. The sections may include bugs in older versions that have been corrected by the programmer in subsequent versions, as people don't always use the latest version available, or artists may want their dolls to be backwards compatible.

If it says "Bugs: none known" under a viewer, this doesn't meant the viewer has no bugs! It means I haven't seen any bugs - probably because I can't run the viewer myself - and haven't heard of bugs from other users. PlayFKiSS's buglist is very long, partly because it's one of the most frequently used KiSS viewers, so bugs are quickly discovered.

There is sometimes little difference between "bug" and "idiosyncracy", because either means "non-standard viewer behaviour" and it's sometimes quite uncertain what the standard behaviour should be. The fix-related mouse-event "bugs" in PlayFKiSS came from a misunderstanding of the translated FKiSS specs, and as such were not mistakes in programming! Generally, I call something a bug if it would be changed in a next version (if any) of the viewer, and an idiosyncrasy if it goes against (F)KiSS logic as I perceive it, or if it's entirely standard but still unusual.

The buglists are not complete, nor have the bugs been exhaustively tested. Additions and/or corrections welcome.


Did I make mistakes or miss anything? I'm sure I did. Please mail comments and corrections to with the word "gatch" or "kiss" in the subject line to get past the spam filter.

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