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RiscKiSS by Dirk Krumbholz

A FKiSS viewer for RiscOS 3.5 and up, available from Tigger's page. Requires SparkFS and raFS or X-Files. Playing sounds requires an extra application called "SoundCon" (search for Unlike the permissive old Windows players, this player will stop loading a set at every unknown command it encounters; that would be anything belonging with FKiSS1b or higher. For that reason, I could't even load a set that had version() in it! Impractical for sets containing FKiSS code. The topmost "palette" button shows the colours in the first palette.

Archive support: external
FKiSS: 1 (not 1b, that also means no transparency)
CKiSS: no
Enhanced palette: no
Bugs and idiosyncrasies:

- Quoted from Tigger's page: cels which are FKiSS-sensitive do not seem to handle the KiSS standard "fix" attribute quite correctly.
- The viewer forces the palette to the page's initial palette group each time the user changes page.
- As well as the "unknown syntax" errors at loading, I had a strange error "subscript array out of range". Maybe I was loading more cels than the viewer could handle.
- Although the viewer would load a set of one 256-colour palette with 10 filled palette groups, it refused a set with the permitted maximum of 17 16-colour palettes, most with several internal palettes, because there were "too many colours". From this and the palette buttons, I deduce that RiscKiSS has a problem with more than one palette file.

For further bugs I couldn't test, since the Test Set wouldn't load.

Click here for screenshots.

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