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PlayKISS (version 4.42) by Nick Roberts

Found at Tigger's page. PlayKISS requires RiscOS 3.5, possibly the Toolbox, SparkFS or another dearchiver, and a file system enhancer (raFS or X-Files). It has implemented all FKiSS4 syntax, including that defined in 2001.
PlayKISS (also written "!PlayKISS") was developed at the same time and along with PlayFKiSS, but looks very different. See the "Howto" list for instructions how to run PlayKISS on the PC with an emulator.

Archive support: external
FKiSS: 4
CKiSS: yes
Enhanced palette: yes
Bugs and idiosyncrasies:

(See the history list in the player's helpfile.)

The music() command is deliberately not implemented because of hardware issues. For the same reason, "keyrepeat" (holding the key down is interpreted as pressing it many times) doesn't work with FKiSS4 key events. Since PlayKiSS was the first viewer to fully implement FKiSS4, this is now standard, although this behaviour may seem odd to Windows users.

This version still works the same way as PlayFKiSS regarding (fix)catch/drop(), and also only supports the older FKiSS4 syntax, letkey() and letkeymap() excepted. There is a version 4.43 in the history list which is not up for download, but in which (fix)catch/drop() have probably been adapted to the original specifications. Version 5 (will probably appear any time now) supports the full FKiSS4 syntax, including cel groups and frames.

Click here for screenshots.

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