Created: 14-04-2003
Last update: 01-01-2022

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Katze-centric episode guide 1-10

Eps 1, 2 - Gatchaman vs. Turtle King, A Demonic Aircraft Carrier

Our first giant animal mecha launch! And it's a turtle (led by a captain with a squid on his head). With the uranium it's gathered, we'll have our own plant running soon. We've been preparing for this for such a long time. So imagine my horror and surprise when five outrageously dressed adolescents with wings break into the mecha and kill half the crew. I ordered the squidhead to get rid of them; we need that uranium plant, and I'm not about to let a bunch of teens get in the way. He caught one wing of their silly ship and dragged it down. Unfortunately, it escaped. Even more unfortunately, it attacked us again when we got hold of that space shuttle that was spying on us. We shut down the shuttle and its pilots, although they briefly served a use conning the lead birdsuit - amazing how lifelike a corpse can look. But of course birdsuit boy escaped and ran off to his ship. I ordered squidhead to splat those birdsuits or die, and he died, serve him right. Exit Turtle King.

Ep 3 - A Giant Mummy Calls The Storms

Really, the jobs I have to do as Galactor leader! In order to find the secret substance that can stop my mega mummy mecha dead in its tracks, I have to disguise as some scientist person - which means spraying an inch-thick layer of rubber on my face - who turns out to be a father, so I have to let this brat sit on my lap and call me "daddy". The horror. Although he did a good job slowing down the stranger who tried to beat me up, and who was looking for the same thing, I suppose. To top it off, I didn't even find the secret substance, although it must have been there, because my mummy mecha didn't just stop, it crumbled where it stood. But not before I'd ripped the rubber off my face and had a good time trashing things and trying to stamp on the little brat.

Ep 4 - For Revenge On the Monster Mechadegon

Did I mention we still need energy? In yet another attempt to mine the Earth (and cause a few upheavals in the planet's surface, I must admit) we were shot by the God Phoenix (as that silly, but evidently highly combustible ship is called). Shot! And this while our spies intercepted clear orders from the bird team's ground control not to fire! The head birdsuit is going to be in soooo much trouble.

Ep 5 - The Ghost Fleet from Hell

What kind of management do these birdsuits have? If anyone goes against my orders, I shoot them. But just when I think they're gone, they turn up at my next target, and I have to lure them into my so-called sunken ships cemetery, a quaint little set-up if I say so myself. The scenery is obviously wasted on them, as they go back up (for air?) and I have to attack them above sea level, where again they totally kill the atmosphere I'm trying to create by blowing up my fog machine. Have they no sense of aesthetics? Okay, they asked for it: shining frisbee attack! How's that for sheer bad taste? It even got them cornered, until those pesky red shark planes showed up and trashed my installations. I hate it when strangers interfere, even if they are damn good pilots.

Ep 6 - The Mini-Robot Manuever

Using little mannikin robots, I was helping myself to the gold bars so conveniently stored in the World Bank for a much-needed cash injection. Mecha cost a lot to make, you know. And guess who showed up to annoy me. After those civilians who were caught snooping, that is. I ordered a missile to be fired at their craft, but it moved out in the nick of time - was the pilot asleep, or something? Then just as I think we've seen them off, I hear our gold bars have been replaced with painted bricks??? How'd they get them all painted so fast? I was about to yell "Stop thief!" but of course the culprit was long gone. Ordering the base to self-destruct raised my spirits a bit.

Ep 7 - Galactor's Big Flight Show

Yay! Forget about snowboarding: you don't know what fun is until you've stood on a plane lashing aircraft from the sky. There's something about wielding a whip that just feels so... natural. And all those streaks of pastel in the air were making me sick. Of course, when people see something as cool as a whip that cuts through steel, they get envious, and next thing you know, industrial spies are invading the factory trying to steal the secret. Industrial birdy spies, if you get my drift. Great for trying out the whip on, not so great when they catch you by the lapels (and how did they know it was me? There must be millions of people called Katzenberg!) and so I had to hoof it again, sans whip. I don't know what they did with it. Incidentally, green goons make great shields.

Ep 8 - The Secret of the Crescent Coral Reef

Maybe ISO would screw up less if their employees were a little older? Forget what I said about teens in birdsuit, the brat of the pack must be nine! Anyhoo, he led me straight to ISO's new base and I had a jolly good time watching his face as I blew it up. Yee-haw! It's about time something went right for me.

Ep 9 - The Demon from the Moon

What a brilliant idea to launch a mecha on the moon (where you-know-who won't be around to interfere) and shoot it to Earth disguised as a meteorite! Well, not too convincingly disguised or you-know-who wouldn't be taking pot shots at it. Bwaaahahaha, my Scorpion is indestructible! The petrol industry is mine!!! Or would be if the pesky red sharks hadn't shown up again, and some fool hadn't let the birdies aboard to play with the controls. If that fool isn't dead yet, he soon will be.

Ep 10 - Battle of the Underground Monsters

Ants, ants, ants. X has discovered the joys of nanotechnology (well, how would you call these swarming little critters?) and has even made me dress up as one. I have to admit, it works. Until, of course... and this is becoming a pattern. Expecting this by now, I had two cards up my sleeve: a nice bell jar for snooping birdies, and an ant that is NOT nano-size! ...And not built to resist concentrated sunlight. Is this why ants prefer the underground? Darn, and I wasn't even off the ship yet.

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