Created: 14-04-2003
Last update: 01-01-2022

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Katze-centric episode guide 11-20

Ep 11 - The Mysterious Red Impulse

Blue Hawk, come to mama. And while you're at it, blast the God Phoenix. It might have worked. I mean, the Blue Hawk is way cooler -cough- technically superior to the GP. I almost wish I'd been piloting it myself. Ordered to escort us, the birdies never had a clue. Oh, and the joy when head birdy went for the pesky red plane that was trying to stop us! But someone must've ratted on us, because next thing I know, both of them are back to free the ones I caught. And I almost-HAD-them!! Life can be such a bitch.

Ep 12 - Ibukuron, the Monster that Eats Everything

Okay, stealing uranium hasn't worked, stealing gold hasn't worked - maybe if I steal a renewable resource, ISO will get off my back?? Let's face it, this is a revolution in harvesting techniques, they ought to be grateful. It even harvests ninja-birdies for you, although on second thought, I wouldn't want them in the icing on my cake. What a revolting thought. Entirely in character, they reap the fruit of my harvest, then trash the mech and distribute the spoils. Children, don't you know SUGAR IS BAD FOR YOU?? (*sigh) I should just have sold the blueprint... to a multinational, or something...

Ep 13 - Mystery of the Red Sand

Sand. It's quite amazing. It can be red. It can even be a substance with more firepower than ordinary uranium. And all you need is one old fool to point the way to the source. Then load the stuff up very quickly and get it home before someone drops a match in it, because, the firepower, remember? ...Someone dropped a match in it.

Ep 14 - The Terrifying Icecander

Right, it's the ISO's own fault that I'm back to gathering energy the usual (ie. nuclear) way. I'm also collecting innocent civilians as refill for my depleted supply of cannon fodder which ISO's ninjabirdies killed, so that's THEIR FAULT TOO. And to start with I'm going to convert that horribly sugary brave-little-girl, I mean, who did her hair and who put the lip-gloss on her? When I'm done with her, she'll be kicking that wheelchair over the edge at my command. Wait... those silhouettes... Isn't that...? And do I even have to say how this operation ends?

Ep 15 - The Frightening Jellyfish Lens

Pollution is as pollution does. Don't ask me to explain the biology, it's not my project, but apparently a polluted ocean is the perfect spot to home-grow giant jellyfish with more eyes than there are spots on the head birdsuit's bum. Okay, I don't know if he has a spotty bum and I don't want to find out. What I want is for this speechifying advert for get-your-uniform-whiter-than-white washing powder to be fried and combusted to a very small pile of black soot by the super jellyfish of a thousand lenses. I mean, the army didn't stand a chance again it. ...And neither did the GP, until the red sharks butted in again. They are so on my death list.

Ep 16 - Mechanica, the Invincible Machine

Now this, I tell you, is sheer genius. It's a machine that can transform into any shape you like, simply through the insertion of a microfilm. For instance, if you're about to enter a narrow tunnel, it can withdraw all the bits that stick out, rather than getting stuck or having its rear view mirror knocked off. I'd put it through its paces - that is, had it do impressions of most of the well-known insect species - when Head Bird himself appeared and tried to stick into the slot a microfilm cartridge that, in all probability, hasn't been approved by our WMDD (Weird Mecha Designs Department). And, sure enough, the whole mecha turns into a fairground attraction. Whoever made that microfilm has a sick sense of humour.

Ep 17 - Bug Operations

Was X thinking about the bird-brats when he said human children still have that natural tendency to destroy? Which, together with their natural tendency to pick up creepy-crawlies, plays right into our hands. And of course the ninjabirdies won't attack our mecha-bugs because there's children inside, ooh dear, we wouldn't want to hurt the children... Just wait 'till they have kids of their own. It was funny, though, when the kids were sealed in the soundproof capsule one kept stamping and yelling until I put a few volts through him. Then I readied them for having their brains removed (provided they have any) and the next moment the Gatchabirdies crash into the base and fully deploy their natural destructive tendencies. Oy!

Ep 18 - The Whale's Revenge

What is there to say about this one? I try blending in by using whale mechas. So one of the whale mecha pilots likes to go whaling, for, uh, scientific purposes, that's it. Then the ISO guys slap a tracking device onto the forehead of the surviving whale and send it into the whale-mecha launching base, for, uh, scientific purposes, that's it. All ending in one big, hugely predictable explosion.

Ep 19 - Race Through Hell

I'm being real friendly to some rich royalty and helping relieve him of some of his cumbersome money, and then the SOB prince steals my top-secret plans for the construction of, uhm, that's top secret. But Cinderella forgot his glove. Then he organizes a race in which all the ninja-birdies may ride, preferably close to his car so he can toss them what he stole. Too bad all the other contestants are Galactors, eh? And that we at Galactor can do interesting things with roads and bridges? We captured him and some of his buddies and would have got the microfilm back if that little sprat (I can't help thinking I've seen his face before) hadn't swallowed it. Just as I'm about to retrieve it, birdies rush in and ONE OF THEM TRIES TO TAKE MY MASK OFF!! What is it with these people? Anyway, though they got away, I never heard anything about the secret data again - must've been dissolved in the little kid's stomach.

Ep 20 - Science Ninja Team Emergency!

This is a very vague episode. I get reports that the mole mecha (which has a little daylight problem, nevermind, destroying cities in broad daylight only attracts unwanted avian attention) stomped on one of the birdies. Or on his car. It was a little hard to see. Anyway, next time the GP shows up, its nose is gone and it's not putting up half the show it normally does. Then the car turns up (did they fix it?), the ship gets its nose back and is up to its usual standards. Doesn't it work if one of the components is missing? Hmm. I should look into this.

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