Created: 14-04-2003
Last update: 01-01-2022

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Katze-centric episode guide 21-30

Ep 21 - Who is Commander X?

For the record, I had nothing to do with this. Letting the old geezer in on our secret was entirely X's fault. Yes, he is a brilliant inventor - is that a reason to invite him in? What's next, a giant horse mecha? I must say, it worked for the Trojans... But I knew X wasn't serious about letting the prof take my place. Still, pressing that button felt good. Very good. And the horses turned out to be duds anyway, or rather, the reverse of duds: they all exploded.

Ep 22 - The Firebird vs. a Fire-Eating Dragon

Eat this, you fraggin' firebird. The GP's flame mode is nothing compared to the heat generated by this baby. Of course the birdies have to play dirty (I bet Nambu is behind this!) and go freeze mode instead. How they did it I don't know, but they turned the whole mecha into one big ice sculpture. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Ep 23 - The Big Bad Mecha Ball

Neither heat nor cold nor great explosions will hurt this invulnerable sphere! Of course I hadn't thought of magnets. You can't be prepared for everything.

Ep 24 - A Neon Giant Laughs in the Dark

Evidently X has learned his lesson from that little cockup with Hentaiman; the only good scientist is a dead scientist. Meanwhile, those flute lessons are paying off. Hee hee, the pied piper act is quite a change from the usual routine. And the look on Head Bird's face when I did the classic villain-swings-round-in-chair! Still, if there's a moral to this story, it is that the musically challenged should not be allowed to play instruments.

Ep 25 - Magma Giant, The Emperor of Hell

This ploy gets no points for good taste or, indeed, good sense. Exactly two good things came out of this: the lens (which the ninjabirdies vandalized anyway) and the fact that lavamonster almost grabbed them. And I suppose the rockmonster that the lavamonster turned into through not looking where it was going, will make a nice tourist attaction. Other than that, it was a real waste of time.

Ep 26 - God Phoenix, Be Reborn!

The Science Ninjas (I can't help it if they call themselves that!) are a tricky lot. First, it seems as if they're slacking. Then, it turns out that rather than trash my creations as they normally do, they've wasted no time in going straight to the source. At least I have the intruders trapped underwater; I hope they kick the bucket, although nothing seems to kill these kids. It would've been nice if they hadn't shattered the monitor...

Ep 27 - Galactor's Witch Racer

Again, I had nothing to do with this. X makes a super cyborg. Super cyborg goes off to blab to ISO, but first has to ride race with, uh, whatta dog, supposed to be a champion racer or something, hope his car survives the ride, as there's animal mechs at every corner. He's obviously under bird protection, judging from the GP hovering overhead. Finally, all else having failed, X flips the switch that melts the renegade. Couldn't he have done that before the race?

Ep 28 - Invisible Demons

Stealing information? Two can play that game. Through the collective alpha waves of an array of captured psychics - don't ask me to explain the physics, it makes my head hurt - X is somehow accessing the ISO archives. There is, however, something known in hackerdom as a "honeypot", and we walked righ into it. More specifically, I walked right into it. Got bits of vehicle lobbed at me and fled through a tunnel hidden behind blue flames - don't ask me to explain the physics.

Ep 29 - Galack X, The Devil-Man

Snooping little kids excepted, this kickboxer deal is working out fairly well; the science-peoples prepare a nice little eruption while I kick my heels in the soon-to-be-destroyed city. Hope nobody recognizes me with these sunglasses. There is a slight problem when the Swallow (after the nth announcement, I'm starting to remember their names) drops in out of nowhere, and due to some gunning on the GP's part, the destruction isn't as widespread as I'd hoped. Better luck next time.

Ep 30 - Kamisoral, the Guillotine Monstermech

Did anyone order widespread destruction? And even if they didn't, they get it anyway, bwaaahahaha! This mecha is invincible! Truly invincible! Unless of course it gets caught in a typhoon, which I wasn't expecting as this time of year. What I want to know is, how did the GP get out of that one?

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