Created: 14-04-2003
Last update: 01-01-2022

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Katze-centric episode guide 31-40

Ep 31 - Plan: Assassinate Dr. Nambu

Even if the ditzy ones aren't always on time, the Masked Assassins always come through in a pinch. Although the enemy might make these assassination attempts more of a challenge by being less absurdly gullible. "Anderson's secretary"?? Oh well, just give 'em a sweet smile and they'll swallow anything. The teen tagging along with him looked uncomfortably familiar, though. I'm seeing birdies everywhere. Never mind, the bridge is down, the train is headed for the lake and I'll watch Nambu's demise on the replays later. Bwaahahaha!

Ep 32, 33 - The Gezora Operation

Okay, the plan to put the birdies out of action by eliminating Nambu didn't work. So I'm back to eliminating birdies. And rather than chasing them, this time I'm going to make them chase me. Did it work? I think it did; seeing three birds instead of five confirmed my doubts that the two we locked up (one of them no doubt the same brat who led me to that decoy base, grrr) were genuine Science Ninjas. The remaining three had me fooled for a minute with a couple of dummies, but I can play that game, too. The only thing that puzzles me is how they were suddenly five again; the two I captured went down with the Gezora, are the other two replacements? Who knows how many spare ninjas Nambu has in the fridge...

Ep 34 - The Devil's Aurora

As long as it lasted, it was fun. Pick an animal. Any animal. Impose its brainwave pattern on a city of humans and you get a hypnotist's dream. "At the count of three... you will become... a chicken!!" Or a gorilla, for more effect... Endless fun. Somehow, the Gatchabirdies managed to preserve sanity long enough to blast my hypnotizer mecha, or maybe they were gorillas to begin with.

Ep 35 - Burn, Desert Flame!

Getting hold of a country's resources by conning or impersonating its leader is nothing new to me. Having said country revolt, and calling to the Science Ninja team for help in suppressing the rebellion, now that has me tickled pink. There were a few scary moments - like seeing the birds had talked to the opposition first, having the head bird jump right on top of me (whoa, control yourself, boy!) and that rather deep drop when birdy cut my escape line - and I must say the oil-extracting didn't quite go as planned. But overall, this outing has been so much fun that I can bear with X being crabby for a while.

Ep 36 - Kiddie Gatchaman

This is not funny. We've just collected some important data (or rather, ISO has helpfully collected this data and we were on time to take it from them) and then we lose it because the captain calls me, all excited, to tell me he's captured Gatchaman. Gatchaman, indeed! Interesting saucepan model, those helmets. Speak of the devil - next moment, Gatchaman (the real ones, this time) are all over us and take the fakes with them. Hopefully to give them a good spanking.

Ep 37 - Lenjira, the Electric Monster

When we're not looking for ISO, they come looking for us. We had a base cozily tucked away into, as coincidence would have it, precisely the inconspicuous natural feature a certain ISO scientist was hoping to gather energy from. Of course I was more than happy to cooperate with him in this endeavour, provided he leave the Gatchabirdies out of it; they appeared nevertheless, led to us by Man's Best Friend. The experiment didn't turn out very well for us and proved conclusively that collaboration with ISO on any project is a Bad Idea.

Ep 38 - The Mysterious Mechanical Jungle

Since the ninjabirdies seem to all be underage, I've hit on the perfect way to catch them: prehistoric edutainment. Hey, it almost worked!

Ep 39, 40 - Jigokiller, the People-Eating Plant

Bimbettes. Dumb blondes. Bossy mothers. Don't you hate them. All a thing of the past with this odd living fossil which loves women, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that is. Well, there was one woman it couldn't digest, but I believe she was carted off to test a guillotine/bed-o'-nails combination. Waste not, want not. I was crying tears with laughter at the ISO's reaction of burning the critters. I mean, the stupidity of it. When have bushfires ever successfully eliminated vegetation? Anyway, that fire washed those deadly little spores down the drain and next thing you know, Jigokillers are popping up from people's sinks around the world. Go Nambu! He did eventually come up with the right weed-killer, though. I'm still not sure how he figured it out.

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