Created: 14-04-2003
Last update: 01-01-2022

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Katze-centric episode guide 41-50

Ep 41 - Murder Music

Far be it from me to believe the crap about rock music rotting your brain, just because someone put a potted plant near the stereo and it started to grow away from the speakers. Plants don't have brains, nor do most things that are predominantly green, but I'm drifting off-topic: certain sound vibrations can, er, rock a city off its foundations. Or, erm, a flying mecha, if someone insists on echoing the sound back at me. Nevertheless, a very satisfying attempt. I've always felt that if I wasn't a crazed mutant trying to take over the world, I'd be a rock star.

Ep 42 - The Great Escape Trick

It is my habit to, every so often, tour a country's prisons to see if anyone there is interested in joining the Galactor war effort. The response tends to be overwhelming, especially from those who have been sentenced to and for the apparent opposites of life and death. Normally, the ninjabirdies keep their beaky noses out of it, but this time, for no reason that I could see, they butted in and, with some clever trickery, led my soon-to-be-goons back to the institution that they came from. That means, back to death row. How callous.

Ep 43 - A Romance Destroyed By Evil

I don't hold with these "and the prince and princess were married and lived happily and peacefully ever after" stories, but there's no denying that the attraction of, er, you know, the L word, I can hardly bear to pronounce it, is a force to be reckoned with. To be exact, it can power a mecha capable of defeating the Gatchaninjas. Then why, you may ask, are they still alive? Well, because i. the mecha was blasted by a sudden bright beam of light from somewhere (must be some new death ray weapon Nambu invented) and ii. though knowing perfectly well what this would do, the somewhat-enhanced loving couple touched contacts and blew their circuitry, dying in pieces - see, that's what I call a happy ending.

Ep 44 - A Challenge From Galactor

The Gatchaninjas try to bust a very well-protected mecha. Attempt 1: splat-fizzle-crk. Attempt 2: I don't know how they did it, but suddenly they were sitting on the mecha's head. Apparently they've been training or something. This is becoming a real drag.

Ep 45 - The Night Fog Sea Lion Ninja Team

An ore is what you row a boat with - okay, enough silly jokes. There's some very special ore on an island that ISO thought we didn't know anything about, and it's oursss, it is and we wantsss it. Well, taking it was easy enough, despite the fog and the fact that the place was crawling with seals; just wave your arms and whole herds of them plop into the sea. But of course I had to be greedy and try catching the ninja team using hostages. Arrgh! I could have had that ore!

Ep 46 - Gatchaman in Death Valley

It's cold, it's snowing and some traitor with a silly beret has run off with some very incriminating evidence involving me and the Huntwallian Minister of Defence. As usual, I'm having to rush around yelling at people to get their act together and catch him. I won't comment on the fact that again the Gatchabirdies show up and save the day (I think - the traitor died) and restrict myself to the observation that my hair looks much better than usual.

Ep 47 - The Devil's Airline

Director Anderson Himself is going to take a very interesting computer component to somewheres, and I really believe it should go somewhere else. But as the ISO folks aren't likely to swallow the "Anderson's secretary" line again - least of all Anderson himself - I have to disguise myself as the stewardess. ...Well. Fun though it was to have the president at gunpoint, I didn't get the computer part - and my hostage (what kind of ransom would he be worth? Not very much, possibly?) got away. Oh well. Maybe I can get it at Dynabyte. (And in six months time there'll be a new model out, with twice the processor power.)

Ep 48 - Shutterkiller, the Camera Monstermech

Not very subtle maybe, using for espionage and data collection a mecha that looks like a camera. However, it works. Provided no birdies jam the lens.

Ep 49 - The Terrifying Mechadokuga

WHEN I FIND OUT who hid the explosives in our base instead of ISO HQ, that person is going to be in excruciating agony.

Ep 50 - Tracodon, the Dinosaur Skeleton

It is very disheartening to arrive at a, one would think, well-protected base only to have it collapse before one's eyes. Never again will I let a fossil guard a base.

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