Created: 14-04-2003
Last update: 01-01-2022

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Katze-centric episode guide 51-60

Ep 51, 52, 53 - Cataroller, the Rolling Monster; Red Impulse's Secret; Farewell, Red Impulse

Ten years of diplomacy; ten years of planning; ten years of passing bribes and eliminating spoilsports; you'd think I deserved some results. This was our most ambitious plan to date, one of those projects that make or break a person's career. I was going to make it rain rocks. Nasty big rocks that work up quite a bit of heat. And if the ISO nicely surrendered to me, I would make it stop. Which hopefully they would do before the whole planet was baked... I also found the surest way to prevent the president being obstructive: eliminate him. Why didn't I think of that ten years before? Of course, there were setbacks. Somehow, someone - either a Gatchabird or this spy that's been bugging us for as long as the project lasted - blew up one of the biggest and, pardon the wordplay, safest safes ever made, and got away with some damning evidence. Our ally in the government also bought it, but that wasn't such a problem as we no longer needed him. And I got hold of some pretty damning info too: the head bird's civilian identity is Ken Washio and the captain of Red Impulse alias the guy in white is also called Ken (or some permutation thereof) Washio and is the first Ken's father! Ha! This is such a gas. We caught one of them; we almost caught both of them; we got the rocket up and going before they could escape. And the fools tried to capture the anti-rocket which would reverse the effect - they're welcome to it, it's a one-way trip! I wonder which birdy is going to be grilled to Save the Earth. Only one thing bugs me: the ISO didn't surrender. They were going to, but it seems Nambu locked them up. Funny, their HQ isn't so hard to get in and out of; I sneaked in there myself at some point.

Ep 54 - Gatchaman Burns With Rage

Possibly recovering from their last defeat (drat, not a single one missing) the birdies allowed my stand-in for a, hum, representative who got lost, to lead them into a big ice trap. As I turned on the heat, they started bickering and hitting each other! It was so cute! Then I left, since I had other work to do. Later, I heard that they escaped and blew up the place. What a surprise.

Ep 55 - The Desperate Mini-Submarine

Rather annoyed at these birdsuits' tendency to survive the unsurvivable, I simply proposed that they die or everything else dies. X, who remains remarkably unfazed on the subject of environmental pollution, has ordered me to release a very potent toxin into the ocean. That is, we're going to kill the ninjabirdies in return for not releasing it and then maybe release it after all. Fortunately, we have the antidote on hand. The ninjabirdies prove extremely helpful by busting several tanks of it, but, sadly, survive (the GP suddenly grew an arm) while quite a number of green goons were dissolved in the fight. It's somewhat fortunate that someone thought to release the antidote.

Ep 56 - Bitter Bird Missile

Sometimes, I have a bit of trouble with what seems to be a very promising addition to Galactor ranks. They spot the miniskirt birdie and instantly decide they'd rather be on the other side. Considering his loyalty sways, I'm not sure whether I regret the Blackbird captain's death.

Ep 57 - The Evil White Sea

Sometimes, I have a bit of trouble with what seems to be a very promising addition to Galactor ranks. They spot the miniskirt birdie and instantly decide they'd rather be on the other side. Considering his sudden inability to shoot straight, I'm not sure whether I regret that cowboy's death. And what about the ones he did hit, why aren't they dead??

Ep 58 - Hell's Mecha-Buddha

ISO again did us a favour in providing us with a ray that melts everything. Thinking this deserved a grandiose gesture, I put it in a very large model of a very important, uh, religious figurehead or something, and had a jolly time seeing it put to use. What the manual doesn't say, though, is that it starts melting itself once used too often. And this was such a magnificent mecha, too. Oh well, I did say earlier that any kind of collaboration with ISO is a Bad Idea.

Ep 59 - Secret of the Monster Mecha Factory

Very pissed off with our overall lack of success, I enumerated every mecha that failed us so far to one of our leading scientists, who is using old models to test the strength of his, er, it looks like an airborne maelstrom, and we all know what maelstroms do to ships. I was actually quite pleased when it seemed that, for once, we had something that could beat the GP. And it could - that was obvious - but the birdies got in (probably using the distraction caused by those tourists that were found hanging around) and wrecked everything. They would have caught me, too, if the prof's trusty assistant hadn't pulled a quick disguise trick. If he survives being interrogated by ISO without ratting on us, he's getting a promotion.

Ep 60 - Science Ninja Team G-6

Is it the miniskirted ninja again or is there some other reason why Galactors who have been too near the ninjabirdies suddenly decide to switch sides? I did order all survivors shot...

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