Created: 14-04-2003
Last update: 01-01-2022

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Katze-centric episode guide 61-70

Ep 61 - The Ghost of Red Impulse

A father-son reunion, doesn't it bring tears to your eyes. To back up my claims, I had extensive maps drawn of every deserted base, ugly tower block, tourist trap and kiosk selling overpriced Mars bars I could find - so if they do attack, at least it'll be for a good cause - and tucked them all into a bugged suitcase so I could track it into whatever underseas base Nambu is operating from, and blast it. I also had the other birdies caught and almost poisoned the head birdy, but blew it because I COULDN'T REMEMBER HIS NAME!! Dang it! I did leave them to die, but, intelligent as usual, the blasting squad didn't target either the birds or the underseas base, but let fly at my own base. Who invented the expression "friendly fire", anyway?

Ep 62 - Blizzarder, the Snow Devil

The ISO have replaced their birdies with robots, because they know I'll capture them and take them to Galactor HQ. But I know that they know that I want to capture the birdies, so I'm going to publicly destroy them and let ISO's PR department explain that to the world. But the head birdy knows that I know that ISO knows that I want to capture their birdies, and possibly knows that I know that ISO doesn't know that I already know. Heck, this is getting too confusing.

Ep 63 - The Murderous Mecha Curve Ball

Hit 'em where it hurts! Somehow, even people with normally developed brains like watching baseball. Wouldn't it be funny if the whole stadium was going to be blown away, together with the surrounding country, just as the winning run was scored? I've already given the champions special training. [Note: attempt sabotaged by Science Ninja team, as usual.]

Ep 64 - A Deadly Christmas Present

All I have to say about Christmas is, bah, humbug. Seeing people cheerful this time of year just makes me want to gas 'em to death. I had my wish. Our buddy the generalissimo almost got his country back. Word to the wise: don't think you're safe inside a fake snowman. Not even if it's shaped like a deer. Snowmen attract children, and you might recall childrens' uninhibited potential for destruction.

Ep 65 - Super Bem, A Synthetic Monstermech

As if using tentacle monsters from space to steal pickled brains wasn't bad enough (but X thinks they may be reused... and who am I to disagree with the boss) the two are combined with a super robot to create the ultimate slimy tentacliness. I draw my hands off this one. Turns out one of the brains was a fake anyway. Eeeeewwwwww! (I think X cried a bit over losing all those precious brains, but, again, eww.)

Ep 66 - The Devil's Fashion Show

Now this is my fave mission. I'll teach Queen Bee, no wait, what was her name, to suck up to ISO. I'll wait until everyone's happy-happy and feasting in the streets and then take over. This one's in the hands of the Masked Assassins, so it's bound to succeed. (As for that little extra who claimed she could join in the fashion show we're using to make our entry, I trust she'll stand aside and not get in the way.) ...One fashion show later... I wish I'd taken a snapshot of the extra, she turned out to be the miniskirt bird... They attacked us on... rollerskates... Can anyone blame us for being a bit blown away?

Ep 67 - Deadly Gatchaman Fire

President Z... Hmmm... I do like my own name better, though it does have a certain ring to it... Why we have to stop the Mantle Plan I don't know, but it's evidently very important. As an aside, we finally destroyed the GP (yay!) but I didn't get what I was promised, presumably because the ISO quickly made a new & improved one.

Ep 68 - Micro-Saturn, the Particle Monstermech

Another one that tickles me pink. I pull a little, er, Bikini atoll experiment trick on an inhabited island. I then dress up as Nambu and request the birdies to check it out. They fall for it. I disguise myself as a random civilian, find the head birdy and tell him some sob story about poor me and my baby. He falls for it. I have them land on my ship with an empty tank. Suddenly they don't fall for it any more, I should have noticed that boomerang slice my fake face. Ooh, but I was close. Very close.

Ep 69 - The Moonlit Tombs

You have a desert. You have sand. You have uranium in the sand. You have a shortage of people who want to get radiation sickness mining it. You have tombs which are the centre of superstitious beliefs, so that no one will dare check inside them for mining activities. You have a village full of ignorant, abductable locals close by. It all comes together. Then, you have five birdies, one of which fancies himself a tomb-ologist. And at least one dismally stupid goon. And it all falls apart. (Lord, I never thought I'd be scared at the sight of mummies. It must have been the light - yeah, that's it.)

Ep 70 - Uniting Goddesses of Death

Keeping the mummy thing in mind, I recruit a dedicated young innocent who actually believes this may be her ticket out of Galactor to mummify the birdsuits - serve them right for humiliating me last time. She almost did it, but failed. Oh well, that's as good an excuse as any to shoot her.

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