Created: 14-04-2003
Last update: 01-01-2022

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Katze-centric episode guide 71-80

Ep 71 - The Immortal Commander X

Someone succeeded in TAKING OFF MY MASK!! Okay, other things happened. To keep people from snooping where they shouldn't, we made a Yeti mecha. You will not believe how many snoopers that attracted. We had the mecha stamp on them. More snoopers came. Gatchaman invaded the base, the Yeti suddenly attacked me and that annoying little brat tripped me up with his throwables. X teleported me away just in time and gave me a big scolding afterwards. Heck, was it my fault? It's just not fair!

Ep 72 - The Swarm! Attack of the Mini Monstermechs

From very big to very small: locusts. No one should notice if we send a locust plague into the world. (I showed the locust mecha prototype to a few goons, one of them sneezed, but no one thought they looked suspicious.) So how did the birdninjas catch on so fast? They must have spies everywhere.

Ep 73 - Get Katse!

I'm about to launch a supermecha and darnit, the Gatchaninja welcome committee meets me on the way, blasts me out of the sky, chases me across the jungle (good thing we took some, er, precautionary measures) and tries to keep me from boarding the mecha. Okay, partly my own fault as I couldn't resist having a little fun with the small one after I caught him. The really nasty one - the one that went for my mask the first time, although now he's decided to leave that to the head bird - almost cut my throat open! We were going to blast them, but they led us into the mountains and then shot the ground away from under the mecha. Sometimes, they really are smarter than they look.

Ep 74 - The Secret of the Bird Styles

How nice to have a monstermech that lasts longer than a week. How nice to, quite accidentally, discover the secret of the bird costumes. How nice to be presented with a batch of pretty girls fitting the bird costume's silhouette and pick out the one I'm going to utterly destroy. How annoying to have the Gatchaninjas interrupt this and blow up my mammoth.

Ep 75 - Jumbo Shakora, the Sea Devil

One of those funny quirks. Though usually right on the bat, sometimes the Gatchapeoples screw up. Only to be right on the bat again the next time.

Ep 76 - The Bracelet Is Exposed

That birdstyle thingie - we got it figured out. Blast them with the right frequency and they turn back into whatever they were before. We got the dog who tried to take my mask off. (Me, hold a grudge? Never!) He ran off. Second try: the other bastard who did take my mask off. The Red Impulse squad suddenly decided they ought to make an appearance. Third try: chain up all the other ones so they don't get away this time, and fire away. This time, the first two interfered and they all did a big air show. The stupid doc told me to stop firing the gun but dang it, I almost had them! The gun did blow up. But the blueprints are safe. That'll be a pleasure deferred.

Ep 77 - Berg Katse Wins

Hee hee hee hee heh heh heh! You want explanations? Isn't the title explanation enough? I had the Blackbirds supplant a president and brainwash an entire country so I could steal all their money, bwaaahahahahaha! And though I didn't exterminate the Science Ninjas, it wasn't for lack of trying!!

Ep 78 - A Deadly Battle 10,000 Meters Beneath the Sea

No wonder the Gatchabirds so often defeat me when I have such dunderheads for captains. And that's all I want to say about it.

Ep 79 - Gatchaman Secrets Stolen

Never trust a traitor. I capture some top ISO scientist's kid, ask him nicely for some info in return for the hostage and not only does he set Gatchaman on me (c'mon, how else could they have known?) but the info has a self-destruct mechanism. I'm stunned. I will never trust a traitor again!

Ep 80 - Return to Life, Boomerang!

This project starts with a huge headache as X, pretending to be angry with me, uses me as test subject for a mind-blasting ray (and believe me, it works) and ends in great satisfaction as I get to use demolishing tools on a truck that, somewhere, has the head birdy in it, under the, I suspect, concerned gaze of the other birdies. Take that, you bastard! I'm not going to agonize on whether he'll be back next time or how the heck the GP managed to go against the mind-blasting rays and destroy yet another mecha - they obviously don't have minds, or their skulls are very thick - I'm simply going to cherish the memory of pounding that truck.

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