Created: 14-04-2003
Last update: 01-01-2022

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Katze-centric episode guide 81-90

Ep 81 - Duel on Galactor Island

Not only are Gatchabirdies unkillable, they may well be people I thought were killed very, very long ago. One of them was the child of a Galactor traitor! And he was pronounced dead by a certain Doctor Nambu! I'm getting pretty paranoid about this, I can tell you; don't we own this island? I gave orders to kill him again, properly this time, and had a little chat with the mayor. Though it's a minor point, I would also like to state that this dog who tried to take my mask off (still not holding a grudge here) has no disguise talents to speak of, and atrocious fashion sense. He deserves to die for that plaid cap alone.

Ep 82 - Go Get the Crescent Coral Reef!

With this shock behind me, I realized how important it was to stamp out the birdies and their creator for once and for all, and knocked up a few oldies to lure them out. Our wonderful science department has found a way to track them using their own transformation frequency. They quit after just a few shots, so I assume they became suspicious, but that was long enough to track them down to their submarine parking space, and what a lovely view I got of their blessed base before they blew up the mecha that had the double function of tracking them and finishing them off. Oh well, it was rather optimistic to expect to kill two birds with one stone at the first throw.

Ep 83 - Desperate Circle of Flame

Is it my fault if a drill runs amuck in yet another ISO factory? Mmmhh.. Considering we were just attacking it... it probably is. And to ensure that all ends well, we're sending along a, well, "spy" is such a harsh word, on what we call Operation Monkey Business.

Ep 84 - Smoke Fiber, the Spiderweb Monstermech

Hee hee hee hee hee... You don't often get a break like this. Mad Professor with pirate look practically gives away destructive mecha for free and agrees to make snapshot of the birdies on one single condition: that I help him get even with Nambu. ...The snapshot was a disappointment.

Ep 85 - He's G-4!

In the light of our continued research into the Gatchaman team's civilian identites, it is highly frustrating that the one person who obviously knows these identities should die before reporting them to us.

Ep 86 - Galactor Corners the Market

Sugare, so sweet it even fools ants! Humans just can't do without their white powder, can they? And that little brat - "His Highness the Royal Antologist" - thinks he can meddle with my plans. Doesn't he know that such meddling is best left to Gatchaman? On the positive side, if I didn't get hold of the global sweetener supply, neither did they, bwaaahahahaha! That'll be no cakes & candy for a while.

Ep 87 - Tri-Shaped Patogiller

Miracle kid single-handedly rescues kidnapped daughter of millionaire. That has got to be one of the Gatchaninjas. Or is it? All five of them turned up at what turned out a rather disappointing, gross (when Moustachio Man tried to hug me, or something) and even quite scary operation to lure the kid out of hiding. Lesson 1: mostly-glass towers are not safe places to watch ninja antics from. Lesson 2: there is no R in "police".

Ep 88 - The Monstermech Snake 828

A sticky situation here as the Gatchapeople are close to discovering my, er, genital versatility. I don't see how it would matter, but X seems to think it's a big deal. I hope they didn't see the photos, especially the one where my hair's a mess. Probably not, most of my old records and other stuff have been destroyed anyway, but chucking in an extra rocket won't hurt. Or an extra mecha. The best part of this is, I get to off Hume. That'll teach him to keep giving me low marks.

Ep 89 - Set Up a Trap for the Crescent Base

Now we're getting somewhere. The new location of Crescent Coral has been found. Damn, it's a fake. And in the meanwhile, Gatchaman has turned a number of very real bases of mine into watery graves. Bases where I happened to be, dammit! And they were going to tail me to HQ!! Lucky I always keep a dummy on the back seat for emergencies.

Ep 90 - Matangar, the Armored Monstermech

So, Finger thinks he can do better than me, does he? Well, the Gatchaninjas showed him. (Ouch, where's the aspirin.) All I can say is, THEY TOOK THEIR TIME!!!

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