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The Onnataicho Gallery

To say that I'm a Gatch fan isn't quite correct. I'm a Katze fan. A total Mutant Maniac. Especially at those moments when s/he wears something else besides the silly wannabe-conqueror outfit. Like the times s/he appears as hir alter ego: "Gyarakutaa no onna taicho", the Galactor woman captain who heads the Masked Assassins and very atypically survives her every mission. Unfortunately, such moments are far and few between; the animators probably didn't think the viewers would be interested. These brief appearances are the subject of the Onnataicho gallery, a collection of exclusively female-Katze pictures (or so one assumes; you never can tell ^_^ )

Episode 29: Galack X
(Official title: "Galack X, The Devil-Man")

Episode 31: Project: Let's waste Nambu
(Official title: "Plan: Assassinate Doctor Nambu")

Episode 32: That silly squid mecha
(Official title: "The Gezora Operation (1)")

Episode 33: Policewoman, my @$$
(Official title: "The Gezora Operation (2)")

Episode 35: Daddy's change of heart
(Official title: "Burn, desert flame!")

Episode 46: Whaddyamean, "he got away"??
(Official title: "Gatchaman in Death Valley")

Episode 70: Are you sure you don't want to stay, honey?
(Official title: "Uniting Goddesses of Death")

Episode 88: Just dropped by to bop off the perfesser
(Official title: "The Monstermech Snake 828")

Episode 102: Peek-a-boo Nambu
(Official title: "Checkmate Reversal X")

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