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The Onnataicho Gallery

(This gallery, built off a few screencaps from the Easter Eggs themepage, was finalized on 01-01-2007, as there's not much to capture regarding Katze's female alter ego. And while I've largely moved on from Gatchaman due to all the better anime produced since, this alter ego will always have a special place in my heart.)

To say that I'm a Gatch fan isn't quite correct. I'm a Katze fan. A total Mutant Maniac. Especially at those moments when s/he wears something else besides the silly wannabe-conqueror outfit. Like the times s/he appears as hir alter ego: "Gyarakutaa no onna taicho", the Galactor woman captain who heads the Masked Assassins and very atypically survives her every mission. Unfortunately, such moments are far and few between; the animators probably didn't think the viewers would be interested. These brief appearances are the subject of the Onnataicho gallery, a collection of exclusively female-Katze pictures (or so one assumes; you never can tell).

Episode 29: Galack X
(Official title: "Galack X, The Devil-Man")

Episode 31: Project: Let's waste Nambu
(Official title: "Plan: Assassinate Doctor Nambu")

Episode 32: That silly squid mecha
(Official title: "The Gezora Operation (1)")

Episode 33: Policewoman, my @$$
(Official title: "The Gezora Operation (2)")

Episode 35: Daddy's change of heart
(Official title: "Burn, desert flame!")

Episode 46: Whaddyamean, "he got away"??
(Official title: "Gatchaman in Death Valley")

Episode 70: Are you sure you don't want to stay, honey?
(Official title: "Uniting Goddesses of Death")

Episode 88: Just dropped by to bop off the perfesser
(Official title: "The Monstermech Snake 828")

Episode 102: Peek-a-boo Nambu
(Official title: "Checkmate Reversal X")

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